Trisha Paytas Moses relationship

A timeline of Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon’s relationship from dating to marriage

They’ve recently just got married!!

Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon’s relationship timeline isn’t as straightforward as you’d think considering they met just under a year ago. Their relationship is a bit messy considering Moses is the brother-n-law of Ethan Klein, Trisha’s ex podcast co-host who they’ve had public disagreements with. Anyway, let’s start at the beginning, here’s how Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon’s relationship first started:

Trisha first heard of Moses when they went on the H3 podcast

So Trisha recorded for the H3 podcast back in February 2020. The podcast is hosted by Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila, who is the sister of Moses. Then Trisha made another appearance and Ethan decided they would try to find Trisha a boyfriend by playing a game which involved them choosing their favourite contestants by judging their video entries. One of which Trisha liked the most was filmed by Moses.

Then lockdown happened and Trisha and Moses began hanging out

Ethan made some rules about the dating segment on his podcast which said any conversations between Trisha and Moses would have to be shared. But then because of lockdown, the production of the podcast was put on hold and Trisha and Moses started to hang out with one another. Trisha then shared a photo of themselves with Moses on their social media.

Trisha posted this photo on Twitter with the caption saying: “At the end I won the bachelorette. Thank u @h3h3productions”. Ethan responded with the vomit emoji and said: “Stop this right now. I’m not really mad just confused and wondering what the actual fuck is going on.”

Trisha then started to learn Hebrew in April 2020

As a way of reportedly showing their devotion to Moses, Trisha began learning Hebrew and preparing for Passover. Hila and Moses are both Israeli and Jewish, and Trisha wanted to show how dedicated they were by learning about Jewish culture.

Since starting learning about the culture, Trisha has kept up their hobby of learning Hebrew works and continues to post short videos on TikTok about phrases they have learnt or songs they enjoy singing.

Ethan and Hila were accused of trying to ruin their relationship

Okay so Trisha recently began claiming Ethan Klein and his wife Hila (Moses’ sister) were trying to sabotage Trisha and Moses’ relationship. In a tweet sent on April 3 2020, Trisha said themselves and Moses are soulmates so no one can destroy their relationship.

Then Trisha posted a video called “H3 ruined my relationship” on April 14 2020 where they spoke about their sex life and how much they cared for Moses. Then they blamed Ethan and Hila for apparently ruining their relationship. But this didn’t seem to last too long as on April 22 2020, Trisha uploaded a video on their channel with Moses where they ate food.

In the video they spoke about love and hate. Fans were quick to comment on the calming presence of Moses which was undeniably good for Trisha.

Then Trisha accused Moses of cheating

April clearly wasn’t a good time for them considering everything that happened since meeting back in February 2020. In an episode of The Dish With Trish on April 29 2020, Trisha confirmed the pair had been quarantining together. Then everything went really quiet until Trisha posted another episode of their podcast called Exposing the dms. In this episode they spoke about Moses reportedly speaking to another woman and Trisha claimed Moses was catfished online by a fan.

But things started to get better and they appeared to sort everything out over the next month. Trisha posted a series of TikToks and vlogs including Moses in them.

Trisha and Ethan Klein made up and made a podcast

Back in September 2020, Trisha and Ethan joined forces to make a podcast called Frenemies. The first ever episode was called “Trisha’s new boyfriend is Hila’s brother” and it seemed to clear up a lot of confusion. Ethan asked Trisha: “Why are you dating my brother-in-law?” and Trisha responded with “At first I thought it was funny, I could fuck him and then come back on the podcast like, ‘Ha, I fucked your brother.”

They became engaged on Christmas day 2020

In a YouTube video Trisha announced they were engaged to Moses and they were planning on buying a house together. Many of Trisha’s fans have been saying how the pair are really romantically healthy. On January 27 2021, Trisha revealed they moved into their new home together.

Trisha then quit Frenemies over a fight with Ethan

Fast forwarding to June 2021, Trisha dropped out of Frenemies after having an argument with Ethan about where money was being spent on the show. Trisha then walked off the set during an episode and to be honest, their friendship has only gone downhill since. Moses sided with Trisha throughout the whole thing over the summer.

They finally got married December 2021

The official date of their wedding was never announced but Trisha revealed the pair were married via social media posts. Trisha was pictured wearing a black gown and walked down the aisle to My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade – iconic.

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