All the obscure shows you missed Trisha Paytas being in

I am losing my mind over the fact Trisha Paytas was in an Amy Winehouse music video

You might recognise Trisha Paytas from their popular podcast, Frenemies, which they recently just stepped down from co-hosting. Or if you’re an original YouTube fanatic, you might remember them from their glory days when they’d do pretty much anything for clicks. Like when they questioned whether dogs have brains or not, but you might have missed them in some pretty big career moves.

The early 2000s and 2010s were BIG for Trisha. They made it onto the Ellen Show, Modern Family, America’s Got Talent and even featured as an extra in Amy Winehouse’s music video, Tears Dry on Their Own. They have had a WILD time.

Here are seven obscure places you missed Trisha Paytas being in:

Trisha Paytas was in an Amy Winehouse music video

Did this really happen??? How are we only hearing about it now?? So many questions.

Seriously, what the hell?? I am disgusted that as a society, we let this iconic cross over slip under the radar. We should feel ASHAMED.

Trisha Paytas was in the Celebrity Big Brother House UK

You probably remember Trisha’s small stint on Celebrity Big Brother, they quit the show quite early on and continued to slam the remaining housemates saying they were all fake including Sarah Harding, from Girls Aloud, who she deemed as “trash”.

Trisha was in the Big Brother house with celebrities like Sam Thompson and Jordan Davies before their exit on day 11.

They appeared in Modern Family back in 2011

For a very brief on screen appearance, Trisha made it onto Modern Family and was casted as “Plastic Surgery Girl” in season 3 episode 6.

Trisha Paytas, Modern Family, Netflix

via Netflix

Ellen DeGeneres had Trisha on her show in 2011

In a segment called “Amazing Audience Talents!” Ellen welcomes up three audience members to showcase their party tricks. Unbeknown to Ellen and luckily for us, Trisha is amongst those three audience members, one of which can bend frying pans using her bare hands.

This is how I’m training for a hot girl summer

Then Trisha comes on and Ellen asks them what they do, they respond: “I read…I mean I read kind of fast.” Ellen makes Trisha read her book, and within seconds Trisha is reading SO FAST.

Trisha went on America’s Got Talent in 2012

You might remember watching Trisha Paytas on America’s Got Talent in 2012, it’s when they publicly stated Howard Stern was their celebrity crush and ideal husband.

They introduced themselves as “Trish like fish” before rapping really fast until three buzzers go off within the first 10 seconds of their performance. Howard said their performance was “annoying” whilst Sharon Osbourne said she couldn’t understand a single thing Trisha was saying.

Howard then goes up on stage to give Trisha a hug and it’s such a strange and awkward moment. At the end of her audition, Trisha tells the judges they’re not talented and just came to see Howard.

They were on My Strange Addiction for Fake Tanning in 2010

This one is iconic.  Their clip starts with “My name is Trisha and I can’t stop tanning,” a big mood especially with our hot girl summer coming up.

Trisha said their sunbed addiction isn’t harmful and “everyone is going to die” but luckily for Trisha, they are going to die looking hot and tanned.

Trisha had a pretty big part in an Eminem music video

In 2009, Trisha appeared in Eminem’s music video for We Made You. In various shots they are either seen dancing next to a car or eating a cheeseburger. HOW MAD IS THAT??? A music video with THE Eminem?? Obsessed.

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