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Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon engagement: A full timeline of their relationship

The couple met in March

This week we learnt the news of YouTuber Trisha Paytas’ engagement to boyfriend Moses Hacmon via an extravagant shoot in which the pair took to the desert for what can only be described as an Aladdin reenactment (what else?). Really though, given the year Trisha has had, it was hardly as if we could expect any less fanfare surrounding an announcement of this proportion from the queen of YouTube drama. However, this engagement has a number of people confused.

Firstly, who even is Moses Hacmon and what does he do for a living? How long have Moses and Trisha been dating? How come Trisha is engaged to the brother of Hila Klein, the woman who she has so often criticised on the podcast she shares with her husband, Ethan Klein? Well, here are all of the answers within a timeline of the significant milestones that the two have shared in their relationship thus far.

14th March 2020 – Trisha first expresses her interest in Moses

In March, Ethan and Hila decided to do their own take of “The Bachelorette” to try and match Trisha with a worthy suitor. One of the rules dictated that she wasn’t allowed to get into a relationship with anyone outside of the competition, but this didn’t stop her expressing interest in Moses.

It’s important to note that prior to this episode, Trisha had already had a couple of very public spats with the Kleins, including Ethan calling her out for editing her photos too much in 2019, to which she responded calling him a “disgusting piece of shit.”


Moses Hacmon is an Israeli artist and brother of Hila Klein, who runs the H3H3 Productions YouTube channel with husband Ethan Klein.

March 23rd 2020 – Trisha shares her first photo with Moses

At some point in between the H3H3 episode of The Bachelorette and the following nine days up until March 23rd, Moses and Trisha appear to get into a relationship. Hila responded to the photo with “Stop this right now” and a vomiting emoji. This selfie was the first photo of the two confirming their relationship but by no means the last:

Another followed in March, and then another posted in April which all but confirmed that Trisha and Moses were in a serious relationship.

7th April 2020 – Trisha continues to post videos about Judaism

Over the coming months, Trisha started making more content to seemingly show her commitment to the Jewish religion whilst with Moses. This included a Get Ready With Me “Passover edition”, and it seemed like the relationship was really starting to build pace. That was until the couple seemed to go through some troubles:

13th April 2020 – Trisha and Moses potentially break up

It’s never clear with Trisha whether she’s being completely serious or she’s hamming certain details up as a self-confessed “troll”, but she attributed her relationship being “ruined” to Ethan and Hila following even MORE behind the scenes arguing between the group.

22nd April 2020 – Everything is smoothed over

However, this little spat didn’t last long, and she uploaded a video with Moses nine days later doing a Mukbang in their car. The following month she did a boyfriend tag video with him, and it appeared that everything was going to be okay after all – love is real!

It would take something really serious for their relationship to be challenged again…

10th December 2020 – Trisha quits the Frenemies podcast

By this point Trisha and Ethan had something good going with their podcast “Frenemies” and had built up a positive report with one another, but this was seemingly destroyed in this singular episode.

If you want to become a part of the family, perhaps calling your future sister in law a “dumb fucking bitch” isn’t the best way to go about it, but that’s exactly what plays out here. Moses returns from a pizza run to find his girlfriend having a meltdown and running away crying, and the whole thing is just chaotic from start to finish.

She apologised the following day in a super long video, saying that she had apologised to the couple: “My behaviour at the end was horrible,” she said. “I have apologised to both directly, but also I just thought I should make this to just kind of end on my end… I am truly sorry that it escalated to that. I am truly sorry.”

13th December 2020 – Moses continues uploading to his channel… about water

You’d think from his channel as if nothing is going on in Moses’ personal life, because just three days after such a calamitous argument he continued uploading content to his channel (which is solely dedicated to water). A very relaxing watch – perhaps this is the only way he can stay sane throughout all this drama.

25th December 2020 – Trisha and Moses announce their engagement

And there you have it! 277 days after posting their first selfie together on social media, the couple announced on Christmas Day that they had become engaged a week earlier at Imperial Sand Dunes, California.

While they have certainly had a dramatic relationship, many people jumped on social media to send them their good wishes, as well as defend the couple from Keemstar who predictably leapt at the opportunity to criticise the Kleins.

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