Explained: Why is Ethan Klein so upset with Trisha Paytas going on Keemstar’s podcast?

Apparently Keemstar made Ethan’s wife cry

Last weekend, American YouTuber and drama lover, Keemstar announced Trisha Paytas was appearing as a guest on his podcast, Mom’s Basement. This announcement shook the internet after a very intense few weeks between the feuding pair. Trisha used to host a podcast with Ethan Klein, called Frenemies. On this podcast they spoke about internet beef and culture trends happening online, they discussed other YouTubers like Keemstar and Ethan made it clear how much he disliked him. Hence why he’s so upset with Trisha’s choice to go on Keemstar’s podcast since finishing Frenemies. Like all YouTube drama, it’s a messy situation and it’s hard to pinpoint who pissed off who. So here’s a rundown of all the drama which has taken place between Trisha Paytas and Keemstar and an explanation of why Ethan Klein is SO upset.

It all started when Trisha claimed Keemstar was dating a girl half his age

Earlier this month, Trisha posted this YouTube video chatting about 39-year-old Keemstar and his current relationship. In the video, Trisha claims Keemstar is “manipulating and grooming someone who was much younger than him.”

Keemstar replied to Trisha over Twitter where he posted a video claiming his girlfriend wasn’t with him for money and that she had a job of her own. He captioned his tweet “Trisha TRASH Paytas”.

Keemstar co-hosts his podcast, Mom’s Basement, with Faze Banks and posted this picture onto their Instagram captioned “Trisha is my homie now, Ethan Big Mad!”

Trisha Paytas, Keemstar

via Instagram @keemstar

In this caption, Keemstar is referring to Ethan Klein. Ethan is Trisha’s ex podcast co-host of Frenemies and he has been in a feud with Keemstar for a long time. Keemstar posted the same picture onto his Twitter captioned “Ethan, hit my line let’s do you next!”

Ethan has responded to Keemstar and Trisha’s collab

Ethan sent out a Tweet reposting the picture Keemstar shared and captioned it: “I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny, this just makes me really sad.” Following that, Ethan’s mum, Donna Klein said: “Can’t wait to go to her wedding, not!!!”

He also shared the picture onto TikTok to show how disappointed he is. In the viral video, he looks sad whilst he films himself with the picture of Keemstar, Trisha and Faze Banks above. His video has almost half a million likes and 2.9 million views.

Ethan has also posted two other TikToks, one where he shares this Tweet he made revealing Gabbie Hanna messaged him asking to go onto the podcast when Frenemies ended but he aired her.

The third TikTok shows clips from Frenemies where Ethan talks about Keemstar with Trisha saying Keemstar is the only person in the world he dislikes because he “causes a lot of grief in people’s lives” and he also revealed Keemstar once made Ethan’s wife cry because he was so rude.

Trisha has since posted over 20 videos onto TikTok bashing Ethan and defending herself. They also tweeted a lot about the situation, in one Tweet they called Ethan’s mother “satan” and an “evil woman“.

Trisha also claimed they go on podcasts to try and resolve issues, they Tweeted: “I don’t cower away from people who I disagree with or that don’t like me. I face it. Maybe I can learn, they can grow or it could end in having a successful podcast or it could end in complete shit but why shut out an opportunity for growth because of beef?”

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