People are just realising the ‘when you take a step back’ TikTok audio is from Love Island

‘Is it that deep???’

The “when you take a step back and look at the severity of the situation, is it that deep?” TikTok audio is genuinely one of the best. People use it for roasting things their mums, mates and teachers say to them, and it’s a laugh every single time it pops up on your FYP. But people are only just realising the “when you take a step back” TikTok audio is actually from Love Island – wait, what?

It turns out, the “when you take a step back” audio isn’t just a random TikTok sound, but is actually said by ex Love Island contestant Belle Hassan in series five. Remember her – the girl from Casa Amor who coupled up with Anton??

TikTok user @ryles01 has posted a video using the sound, with the caption: “Not me re-watching season five of Love Island UK just to find out that this sound is from that season”.

@ryles01my brain is done hahahahah

♬ original sound – Best clips!🇬🇧

When you click on the sound, it takes you to its original upload – which is a clip of Belle, uploaded by an account that’s full of Love Island videos. In it she, obviously, says “when you take a step back and look at the severity of the situation, is it that deep?”, whilst sitting on one of the Love Island day beds with Anna, Joanna and Francesca.

What happened before the clip that made Belle say the iconic line isn’t anywhere online – but the girls are all wearing the same outfits as they are in the clip below. In it, the boys have just been shopping to buy food to cook for the girls, and the video shows the girls all finding this out over dinner:

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