This is how to do the AI Painter TikTok trend that’s all over your FYP

It lets you turn words into colourful artworks

Trends come and go on TikTok faster than you can say FYP. Recently we’ve had the bizarre “look at the camera then something behind it” trend, not to mention the downright hellish 2020core trend.  But the latest fad doing the rounds on TikTok is the AI Painter trend, where content creators turn words into pictures. Here’s how it actually works and how you can get involved:

Turn words into artworks

Basically, TikTok users are using an AI painter to turn their favourite, quotes, song titles or lyrics into paintings. Here’s one creator transforming Harry Styles tunes into colourful images.

@yasmine.jpgthis is my favorite trend on tiktok right now ##aipainting ##harrystyles♬ original sound – nina <33

The resulting pictures are often  psychedelic or fantastical and are kind of pretty while not making much sense at all.

This is how to do the AI Painter trend

Basically you need to get an app called Dream by Wombo, which is available on the App Store and the Play Store. It will then ask you for a prompt and a theme. In this instance, I have chosen: Step Into Christmas (an absolute banger) and the “dark fantasy” theme.

The result was actually pretty good although it does look a bit like the Grinch went to Clarks and started stamping on their Christmas decorations.


Not getting an overwhelming sense of Elton

Other themes you can use are mystical, vibrant, psychic, pastel, ukiyoe, steampunk, synthware, festive, fantasy and HD.

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