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This TikTok photo taking hack is genius and ensures banging pics every time

Finally, I can get my boyfriend to take a decent picture of me

Trying to get a picture taken of yourself is hard work. Sometimes you can get a great friend who knows exactly what to do. They drop to the floor for the best angle, hype you up and take thousands of images. However trying to get your boyfriend or parent to take a picture is a disaster. The lighting is never right, the angles are tricky and they usually run out of patience after three shots and say you look lovely. Thanks mum, but that picture is going nowhere near my Instagram. However some genius on TikTok has managed to create the perfect photo taking hack and I honestly don’t know how we never thought of it before.

@plant.treesSHE SO DONE WITH ME LMAO ##fyp ##tiktoksg♬ original sound – yaya

TikTok is full of photo editing and taking hacks, the photography hashtag alone has over 25billion views. This new hack is super simple to do and only requires two phones to take a stunning picture. Essentially the hack allows you to see what you look like whilst someone is taking a picture of you. This way you can change your expression, position or move that strand of hair out of your face before you get the pictures back and have to ask your friend to take them again.

This is how to do the double phone TikTok photo taking hack:

@laurenroset22Life saver ##fyp ##TheSplashDance ##igpics ##photohack♬ abcdefu – GAYLE

1. Find a willing photographer (aka your friend or partner).

2. Ensure you and the photographer both have your phones.

3. Get in the position to pose.

4. The photographer holds their phone normally to take picture.

5. They then hold your phone in front of theirs but below the camera so the selfie camera is facing you.

6. Now your photographer can take photos on their phone whilst you can also check out how you look to ensure maximum Insta potential.

Featured image credit before edits via Gradienta/Unsplash

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