So who actually sings the ‘If you’re wondering if I hate you, I do’ TikTok audio?

Never needed a sound more in my life

TikTok is now my official music library. No where else provides such certified bangers and a variety of songs that speak to me instantly. Spotify who? I’m going to TikTok everyday to listen to certain songs on repeat, and one of these is the viral audio “If you’re wondering if I hate you, I do”. It’s vibey and the perfect song to drink a glass of wine to.

@chloeburrowsJust kidding xxxxx♬ original sound – Bob Ross

The song has been going round on TikTok for a while now and everyone is using it to describe people or things they hate such as slow walkers, people who are loud in the morning and their last talking stage. Even Love Island’s Chloe Burrows got in on the trend and created a TikTok about people who used to be rude to her but now want to be friends and featured the sound. But who actually sings it?

So who sings ‘If you’re wondering if I hate you, I do’ audio?

Grammy nominated artists SZA is the singer and writer of the audio. However before you go scrolling for the song on Spotify it’s actually from a song SZA released on SoundCloud in August this year aptly named “Hate you”.

The song is nearly three minutes long and features the lyrics “If you’re wondering if I hate you, I do” amongst many other vibey ones such as “Shitty of you to make me feel just like this/What I would do to make you feel just like this?”.

SZA released the song along with two others called “Nightbird” and “Joni” on an anonymous SoundCloud page.

The sound made its way onto TikTok shortly after and this week SZA tweeted she had just found out it was on the app. She tweeted saying: “Lol I heard TikTok found out ab ‘I hate you’ today.”

So if you could make it an official single that would be great thanks SZA.

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