Sing Your Dialect Twitter Spaces

Here’s all you need to know about Twitter Spaces and last night’s chaotic ‘Sing Your Dialect’

At its peak it had 50,000 listeners including Rylan, Declan Rice and Barack Obama

You could be forgiven for not knowing what Twitter’s newish feature Spaces actually is. That is, until last night, when #SingYourDialect quite literally broke the internet. Started by a small account with the handle @jacobbmc2, known mononymously as Jacob, Sing Your Dialect’s simple idea ruled Twitter for the night and had the likes of premiership footballers, rugby players, TV personalities and the former President of the United States tuning in to see what was happening. Here’s everything you need to know about one of the craziest night’s in the long history of Twitter, thanks to Jacob, Sing Your Dialect and Spaces.

What actually are Twitter Spaces?

Ever see those purple blobby things at the top of your timeline? That’s a Space. Twitter Spaces are a relatively new feature to the platform. They tentatively debuted in November 2020, but got a proper roll out in May 2021 and recently has began gaining more traction over the last few weeks. Spaces gives a Twitter user the ability to create live conversation, not unlike hosting your own radio show. Once you go live, you can name your Space and your followers join and can request to be speakers, with you having the power to let people speak.

It’s a great function to have wider conversation with people out of your following circles, because once your followers have joined anyone who follows them can see they’re in the Space and join too – so the audience can get really far reaching quite fast. Spaces have been popular so far to have conversations about things as trivial as post-show chats following an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race to an in depth dive into local council bin collections. But all have paled in scale next to the meteoric impact of Sing Your Dialect.

What the hell is Sing Your Dialect and what did I miss last night?

In one of the highlights of British Twitter history, Jacob (@jacobbmc2) proved that you can go a long way with a simple idea if you’ve got the charisma and likability to facilitate it. The concept is classic: Request to speak on the Space, tell everyone who you are and where you come from and then sing whatever the hell you want. Everyone is on the same playing field, from professional singers and celebrities with blue ticks to accounts with nothing but a few followers.

The audience was huge, reaching 50,000 listeners at its peak and causing Jacob’s phone to crash several times. All of life was present – with listeners including Nigel Farage, Declan Rice and Barack Obama with celebs like Rylan (who rapped Blazin Squad), Lethal Bizzle (who sang Wonderwall) and Julie Adenuga (who duetted Hello by Adele with her boyfriend) having a go at singing. Twitter Spaces themselves even tweeted thanking Jacob for how big it all got:

If you missed out, have no fear – Jacob has promised that Sing Your Dialect will be back on Twitter Spaces at 10pm tonight (on later due to the football), with Jacob promising it will be bigger and better than ever – teasing potential special guests:

Okay but who the hell is this Jacob

The charismatic, Mancunian host of Sing Your Dialect started last night on Twitter with 100 followers and overnight has grown his account to over 48,000. In ONE night. His Twitter doesn’t give much away – all we know is that he’s Manchester based and a musician.

On Instagram, Jacob is similarly mysterious. Only nine posts, a mixture of gigs and travelling – just a normal lad with a good idea for Twitter that’s blown to huge success. Sing Your Dialect is so good and novel because Jacob is such a great host – warm, friendly, charmingly northern and good at giving everyone a chance to speak whilst moving things on when they need to without hesitation. His bio on Twitter says that Sing Your Dialect will be happening on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, from 7pm til “fuck knows when”. Make sure you’re following him, because big things are coming his way for sure.

Get your song ready, hit that request button and don’t forget to tune into Sing Your Dialect on Twitter Spaces tonight at 10pm here.

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