Kim Petras Coconuts TikTok

Okay so what is that ‘my coconuts’ bop all over TikTok, and is it a real song?

Consider this your sign from above to become a Kim Petras fan


“My coconuts, you can put ’em in your mouth” is not normally the kind of phrase that pollutes my TikTok FYP with such risqué undertones, but it is one I am very happy to have. Over the last week, the song has gone viral on TikTok and everyone is obsessed with the campy lyrics, the 80s disco groove and the fact it’s an entire song about loving your big boobs to the fullest. But is Coconuts by Kim Petras on TikTok a real song?

@crystalmethydOur coconuts 🥥 🥥 @jansportnyc12 @Kylie Sonique Love @kimpetras♬ coconuts by kim petras – Kim Petras

Yes it bloody well is

We will be having no slander of Coconuts on the internet if I can help it, because it’s absolutely a real song and it’s about to be the boobiest, boppiest banger of 2022. Coconuts is the upcoming single by German pop star Kim Petras, who has a huge following amongst LGBTQ+ people and big pop music fanatics. Petras, who is trans, first came to recognition in 2008 when she became the youngest person ever to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Fast forward to 2017, and she started releasing huge pop singles and working with the likes of Charli XCX and Paris Hilton.

Coconuts is her upcoming single, and she performed it live for the first time at the EMAs in Budapest on November 14th, and the song quickly went viral thanks to its campy lyrics all centred around boobs- AKA, the coconuts in question. The single was initially slated for a January 21st release. What might have first seemed like a sly exercise in patience that Kim Petras is inflicting on us all is actually a far cleverer business move. Kim performed Coconuts and Hit It From The Back, the most provocative of her two upcoming songs, in Budapest over her recent single Future Starts Now as she wanted to protest against the censorship in the country right now that’s harming queer people there. ICON.

What are people saying about coconuts and what are the lyrics?

Coconuts by Kim Petras is blowing up on TikTok and Twitter, with everyone kind of divided about the lyrics but finding themselves enamoured with the bop, too. Kim is taking it all in good humour, commenting on every TikTok that uses it.

The iconic lyrics we have so far left Shakespeare green with envy. Give it up for her pen!

My coconuts, you can put ’em in your mouth
(Right now, right now, right now, right now)
My coconuts, watch ’em bounce up and down
(Bounce up and down, bounce up and down)

Coco and tanning lotion
Sunsets over the ocean
Look up, hot air balloons
All good things come in twos
Work them out at the gym
Dive in and take a swim
Everybody loves the twins
Everybody loves the twins

So juicy and so ripe
You wouldn’t believe
I give ’em different names
Mary-Kate and Ashley
They ask me what’s my size
Just give ’em a squeeze
Strawberry, mango, lime
Don’t compare to these

You can’t stream Coconuts by Kim Petras on any platforms yet, so TikTok will have to do. But you can pre-save it here! BRING ON JANUARY 21st!

Edit: Kim Petras has announced since publishing this story that she will be moving the release date to account for the song’s viral popularity. It will now be released on December 3rd!

@maxsouthern_archer WILL be a @kimpetras stan x♬ coconuts by kim petras – Kim Petras

@celebirteaCoconuts >>>##Sing2gether ##kimpetras ##BetterTogetherChallenge ##pop ##lgbt ##twitter ##stan ##performer ##transgender ##popstar ##dance ##gay ##charlixcx♬ coconuts by kim petras – Kim Petras

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