An Audience With Adele Quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which celeb from An Audience With Adele you are

Right, we can’t all be dancing Emma Thompson

Adele is back, 30 is the best album she’s ever done, and she has singlehandedly resurrected the old telly fave “An Audience With” thanks to her momentous return – such is her power. Last night’s ITV special was an absolute masterclass in old fashioned entertainment, with Adele on top form as both funny host and showcasing exactly why she’s the best singer of a generation. But between the bangers, the ballads and the banter was another form of gripping entertainment – celeb spotting in an audience filled with a jumble sale of celebs that ran the gauntlet from Dawn French to Samuel L Jackson. This quiz will tell you exactly which celeb in the crowd of An Audience With Adele you’re most spiritually aligned to.

In an audience filled with the likes of Idris Elba, Olly Alexander, David Tennant, Jodie Comer, Dua Lipa, Catherine O’Hara, Bryan Cranston, Graham Norton, Jonathan Ross and Alesha Dixon, who will you be? The classic comedy chops of Dawn French? The friendship goals vibes of Alan Carr? The sexy energy of Stormzy? The television dramatics of Emma Watson, or the iconic dancing energy of national treasure Emma Thompson? Take this An Audience With Adele quiz to find out once and for all!

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