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Here’s why everyone’s searching their name on Urban Dictionary and posting it on Instagram

Turns out you can make your own definitions on Urban Dictionary

Over the last day people on Instagram have been searching their name up on the Urban Dictionary and posting what they find onto their Instagram story. Why? Because they have nothing better to do clearly. But all jokes aside, what is the meaning behind it about and why do people actually feel the need to share their results? Here’s everything you need to know about the Urban Dictionary name Instagram trend:

Everyone’s Urban Dictionary name definition has become a meme

People who are sharing screenshots of their Urban Dictionary name definition on Instagram thinking others are genuinely interested are currently being mocked by everyone who is doing the trend and taking the piss. Just like Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary definitions can be posted by users. So most definitions for names are from the early 2010s and largely from people writing things about people they know with that name.

Considering the Urban Dictionary has been knocking around since the 1990s, it makes sense there’s no real definition for the name Jack. For example, according to the website, Jack means: “A kid with a dick so big it doesn’t fit on his pants.” Obviously definitions like these make us all think that people also make up definitions about their own names.

The trend has absolutely no purpose

This trend isn’t actually new. It’s been going around for a few years and every time people are shocked to realise it has no purpose whatsoever. It’s just a joke. But here’s how you can find the definition of your name:

• Go to the Urban Dictionary website

• Search for your name

• Screenshot, share onto your Instagram story and enjoy

But remember, no one actually cares!

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