I followed this TikTok hangover routine and I’ve never questioned my life choices more

I’ll stick with my bed and last night’s leftover pizza, thanks

If there’s one thing to learn from Tiktok is that people LOVE an aesthetic routine video. And if you spend as much time on that app as I do, chances are you’ve probably seen the video of that girl’s hangover recovery routine which includes aesthetic shots of her doing yoga or icing her face.

But just in case you haven’t seen it, here it is in all its glory:

@stazzyliciouspost night out routine ##fyp♬ Lover – Taylor Swift

The TikTok, created by stazzylicious, has since gained over 3.9 million views and with comments such as “night out doing what??? book club??” or “you lost me sitting up”, I thought I’d take one for the team and see what following this routine deathly hungover is actually like.

Considering my normal hangover routine is regretting every life decision, staying in bed until 3pm, and inhaling last night’s leftover pizza, this was an EXPERIENCE.

Getting up

I’m sure the Tiktok didn’t intend for this routine to start at 12pm but when you got in at 4am, needs must. But getting up was the first battle here. Considering this is how I woke up, with last night’s makeup fully intact and my room actually trashed, I’m surprised I even made it this far.

Thriving wbu?

As soon as I sat up I felt like I’d been hit by a truck and the nausea hit. So my first port of call was a makeup wipe and some painkillers.

It was here I realised I fucked up. The hangover shakes and hangxiety kicked in and it really took everything I had to not throw up. Life’s so fun x.

Ice rolling my face

Regardless, I dragged my corpse out of bed and actually got dressed to complete the first step in the routine: Ice rolling my face.

In the video, she uses a fancy ice roller to ice her face as it “helps depuff” apparently. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of an ice roller (especially after checking my bank account this morning, mortified) so I opted for the student-friendly option and just shoved an ice cube on my face.

Nothing was gonna save the absolute havoc I put my skin through after sleeping in last night’s makeup but this actually felt pretty good and was very soothing.

Just left me quite cold and wet though and kinda felt like I was crying. Quite apt with how I was feeling at this point, to be honest.


Just pretend this is an aethetic pint of iced coffee

In the video, she opted for a big ol’ glass of iced coffee. Maybe she reused the ice from her rolling her face? Recycling queen?

But can’t lie, this is where I cheated. As much as I love coffee, I thought teamed with a bad case of hangxiety, it would send me into another dimension.

So I opted for a soothing peppermint tea instead. If that doesn’t give off MAJOR that girl vibes then I don’t know what does. Didn’t help the raging nausea though.

Make bed

Peep my lil chonky seal

This one really took everything I had not to climb back on in there. It was way too much movement for my shaking body.

Can neither confirm nor deny whether there was vomit on my bedding at this stage.


If I thought making my bed was too much movement, this is where I really started to regret every single choice I’ve ever made.

Taking all my concentration not to chunder my guts out, I found it extremely difficult to concentrate on my breathing or my chakra or whatever.

I followed a Yoga with Adriene video (what an icon) but even she couldn’t save me from the sense of existential dread where I was questioning if this really was how I was spending my life.

Mid-breakdown yoga shot

Is there a yoga routine where you just lie face down on the mat because I’d really smash that one. Downward dog? Not so much.

Honouring my cravings

Thank fuck for this one because I was not prepared to chef it up when I couldn’t move without the room spinning.

When I first woke up, I was in the stage of hangover where the thought of food was enough to make me dry heave. But it took so long for me to drag my corpse to a yoga mat that I was ready to inhale any food put in front of me.

hello, gorgeous

In the video, she goes for what looks like a ham/bacon and salad sandwich? I opted for a fat burrito and chips. It really was chef’s kiss.

The sexual tension between you and watching your delivery driver get closer and closer to your house though. Absolutely unmatched.

God bless my Deliveroo driver Alessandro for this one, an absolute gem.

Long shower and skincare

My pores really thanked me for this one. My grotty student house shower definitely was no match for the boujie shower seen in the TikTok but it did the job and really cleansed me of last night’s sins.

Was also great to wash the dried VK and gravy out of my hair. Not my finest moment I have to say.

Drink your greens

Might have been drinking super juice but I really wasn’t feeling super

This juice was about as green as I felt. The greasy food and the shower definitely helped but the vibes still weren’t it.

In the video, she drinks a very fancy-looking green juice called “Glow Up” and if that doesn’t perfectly fit the absolute vibes of my newfound routine, I don’t know what else does. It even contains Chicory Root extract and I’m just gonna pretend I know what that is.

I opted for a half-drunk green juice from Aldi and it really did hit the spot. Was even better when I was using as a mixer at pres last night though. When worlds collide x

The verdict

When I was FINALLY done with my silly little tasks, I clambered back to where I belong after a night of way too many Jägerbombs and got back in bed.

And as much as I admire this girl’s routine, I think I’ll stick to watching shitty daytime telly, eating my body weight in carbs and recovering my way because Lord knows most of this routine made me feel 10x worse.

At least I accomplished something with my day though, right?

In my happy place x

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