So where did ‘the girls that get it, get it’ meme actually come from?

It all started with a TikTok audio

You know a TikTok audio is good when it ends up all over your Twitter too and that is certainly the case with this new TikTok audio “the girls that get it, get it. And the girls that don’t, don’t.”

The audio has become so big on TikTok that it’s moved over to Twitter and people are using it to caption pictures of themselves looking fire, books from their childhood or clips from music videos.

And over on TikTok it’s being used as a sound for videos about makeup, wearing boxer shorts to bed or eating vodka pasta every week without getting sick of it.

It’s the perfect audio to sum up the feeling for those who are in the know about a certain something, and those who really aren’t.

But where did the audio actually come from?

Though there are a number of copycat audios out there, the original “the girls that get it” audio came from TikToker Khaenotbae.

Khae has over 200,000 followers on TikTok and originally posted the video containing the audio in November this year. However the original video appears to have been deleted but the audio has been able to remain in the app.

The full audio goes like this: “I literally told you chitterling eating bitches, the girls that get it, get it and the girls that don’t, don’t. Obviously you don’t get it cause you’re not that girl.”

@khaenotbaeI’m tryna see something ##ROMWEnextgen ##fyp ##foryou ##hair♬ original sound – KHAE🦦

Since then Khae has rerecorded the audio in a TikTok which now has over 2million views.

When another creator imitated her audio, but changed “chitterling” to “frijoles”, Khae addressed this on her TikTok and asked people not to tag her in the comments asking for credit.

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