These 21 ‘we used to be a country’ memes will make you incredibly nostalgic

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The latest meme taking over Twitter will have you incredibly nostalgic for a time of Blockbuster, Disney Channel and pink flip phones. In the last few days Twitter has been full of people sharing “We used to be a country. A proper country” memes. They’re full of old popular culture references and it honestly makes me miss the days of Club Penguin and The Fault in Our Stars.

The meme originally originated from a MAGA support account. The user tweeted a photo of a 7-Eleven convenience store from the 1970s and captioned it “We used to be a country. A proper country”. It’s thought they were showing a picture to highlight how great America used to be back then and how much things have changed.

Naturally the rest of the Internet did not agree with the statement and everyone began sharing memes to take the piss out of the original post. Now the meme is used to celebrate long gone parts of our collective history that should actually be celebrated. The most popular tweets pay homage to the music of 2011 and the creation of a hotdog stuffed crust pizza. They are the things that should make you proud of your country.

These are the 21 funniest “We used to be a country. A proper country” memes:

1. An elite year in music

2. Bring back the OGs

3. What a time to be alive

4. The good old days

5. Just wait for all the TikTok girls to start dressing like this

6. A cultural delicacy

7. Is this my teenage bedroom?

8. This is carnage

9. Ok but where do I get one of these?

10. A literal interpretation

11. The golden era of Bravo

12. I miss my childhood

13. A classic

14. This is when we peaked as a society

15. Thinking of the germs on this now

16. Still not over it

17. Sobs

18. I am triggered

19. They don’t make them like this anymore

20. My Olympics

21. The youth today will never understand

Featured image credit before edits via Maxim Berg/Unsplash

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