It’s Spotify Wrapped day, so here are 29 memes to celebrate everyone’s favourite holiday

Must be tough for the Apple Music girlies today

It’s December, which can only mean one thing. Christmas? No it’s time for Spotify Wrapped of course and naturally the memes about the 2021 version are top tier.

Usually around this time of year Spotify releases its annual Wrapped feature which allows users to see their most listened to songs, artists and genres of the year. It also lets you know which podcasts you’ve been loving and just how many minutes you’ve spent on the app. Far too long in my case. And this year Spotify have upgraded Wrapped with a few extra features such as telling you your Audio Aura and the soundtrack of your year.

Whilst everyone loves seeing their own Spotify Wrapped, one of the biggest highlights of its release is all the memes that everyone shares after uncovering how tragic their own is.

And thankfully this year nothing has changed. People on Twitter are sharing some classically hilarious memes and tweets to celebrate this great day.

These are the 29 funniest Spotify Wrapped 2021 memes:

1. It’s like Christmas Eve but better

2. I hope everyone is ready for my incredible taste

3. I feel seen

4. Sounds about right

5. Everything was great…apart from this

6. Spotify stop outing me as a Glee fan

7. Poor baby

8. Snore

9. Nah it never lies

10. When are we getting a bank holiday for this historic day?

11. Yes Rylan, you are.

12. I accept PayPal Lady Gaga

13. Mummy is very busy right now

14. Honestly, how do they cope?

15. And I am here for it

16. Far more accurate

17. Deceased

18. You’re meant to have a routine?

19. Shocked to say the least

20. No change there

21. Not this…

22. Who do I send my complaints to?

23. Things have been very tense

24. Thanks for the support Spotify

25. Please respect my privacy at this troubled time

26. LOL

27. Now this is a playlist I can get behind

28. Must be so hard for them

29. Yes it is difficult being so in the know

Featured image credit before edits via Fakurian Design/Unsplash 

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