These are all the new vibey features included in this year’s Spotify Wrapped

If only Ariana was the actual soundtrack to my life

It’s here! It’s finally here, Spotify Wrapped 2021 has now dropped and this year it has come with some pretty cool new features.

Every year Spotify gives its users a breakdown of their personal music choices that year. They provide your favourite artist, genre and songs each time. It’ll also provide how many minutes you’ve listened and curate your most played songs into a playlist just for you.

However this year they’ve added some unique features that really sum up the vibe of the year and give you even more insight into your musical tastes. As if I needed anything else to tell me I’m weirdly obsessed with Ariana Grande.

These are all the new features on Spotify Wrapped 2021 explained:

My 2021: The Movie Soundtrack

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This year was all about main character energy and embracing that you really are the star of your own life. So of course Spotify payed homage to that with the Movie Soundtrack feature that gives you a unique soundtrack for your life based on your favourite songs.

There’s songs for classic parts of any movie such as the opening credits, the song playing during your intense training montage and the song playing as you defeat the evil spirit.

Spotify appears to have selected your most liked songs and matched them to a particular theme. Obviously the song playing whilst I defeat the evil spirit is Transparent Soul by Willow and Travis Barker.

Your Audio Aura

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No Spotify has not collaborated with Gwyneth Paltrow. However they are leaning into the increased interest in spirituality this year by providing everyone with an Audio Aura.

Your Audio Aura provides you with the two moods of the music you listen to and then maps those into colours.

Spotify’s senior director of product for personalisation Ziad Sultan said they were helped by an aura expert to “map the high-level moods of people’s listening into colours”.

So far there’s been plenty of different combinations of people’s moods – there’s focused and healing, focused and silly, wistful and hopeless romantic, comforting and hopeful and wistful and yearning amongst many others.

These moods all have different colour combinations which all appear to be pastel tones.

Two Truths and A Lie

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Everyone’s least favourite ice breaker has been turned into a Spotify Wrapped 2021 feature, and I surprisingly don’t hate it.

The feature presents you with three statements about your listening tastes. They could be things like your top genre of podcasts or the artist you binge listened to most.

And then of course you have to guess which is the lie amongst them. You can then also test your friends’ knowledge of you by sharing the two truths and a lie with them.

2021 Wrapped Blend

I feel like this is probably the feature you can have most fun with and use going forward. Wrapped Blend allows you to blend your top 2021 songs with a friend to create your own unique playlist.

This is how to do the Wrapped Blend:

1. Head to the Wrapped section in your Spotify app.

2. Scroll down past The Top Tracks & Artists of 2021 and Best New Podcasts of 2021.

3. Then click “create a blend”

4. And press “invite”.

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