This is exactly how to find your Spotify audio birth chart

Of course I’m an Ariana Grande sun

Spotify’s latest feature “Only You” is basically the summer version of Spotify Wrapped, except it’s even more important as it reveals your audio birth chart.

Only You is a data analysis feature that analyses your listening habits to give you specific information to show just how unique you are. There’s a bunch of information it reveals to you, but the most interesting part is easily the audio birth chart telling you which artist is your sun, moon and rising sign.

Spotify explained how they figured out your audio birth chart: “Your Sun sign details the artist you listened to most over the last six months.

“Your Moon sign demonstrates an artist you listen to that best shows your emotional or vulnerable side. Your Rising sign brings it all together with an artist you’ve recently connected with.”

If that wasn’t enough, the Only You feature will also plan your dream dinner party mix (mine naturally included Little Mix and Miley Cyrus seated next to each other) and the years you listen to most.

It will also show you your artist pairs which is essentially two artists so different from each other only you could be the person to listen to both of them.

People have been sharing their birth charts on Twitter and they are all so different.

However some people have said they can’t find their audio birth chart and have been sharing disappointed memes to show their frustration.

This is how to access the Only You feature and find your audio birth chart:

1. Open Spotify.

2. Head to the Homepage.

3. Scroll down and Only You should be available.

4. Click through the various slides until you reach the audio birth chart, it should be before the dinner party slide.

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