Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup TikTok audio

Here’s where the ‘Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup’ TikTok audio comes from

‘Soup girls are the most popular girls in the chicken coup’

Pretty much anything can go viral on TikTok nowadays, even the “Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup” audio blew up and it’s just someone rhyming about pretty girls liking soup – it’s madness!! Anyway, if you don’t know what the rhyme is then here it is in full: “Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup. Soup girls are the most popular in the chicken coup.” Don’t ask what it means because I don’t think anyone actually knows.

The audio was first posted by @fishdress back in August this year and it’s since been used in 13,000 videos and the hashtag “gorgeous gorgeous girls” has over 14 millions views. You can watch the original video here:

@fishdresssoup is my favorite food (: #fyp #foryou #soup #gorgeous @cigbunny2001♬ original sound – 🩰 ren 🤎

But the ‘Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup’ TikTok audio doesn’t stop here

Lately on TikTok, people have been making different remixes of the audios inspired by the original gorgeous, gorgeous girls trend and it’s iconic. One person recently made one saying: “Gorgeous, gorgeous girls get their booster shots. I am a gorgeous, gorgeous girl”, and it’s a big mood. But an even bigger mood might be the version by @lilababyaries who says: “Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love to cry. Big cry baby girls are the prettiest nationwide.”

There are loads of good versions and you can probably tell how similar this trend is to other memes like the feminine urge one or the hot girl shit trend – they’re all girly and iconic. So a big shout out to all the gorgeous, gorgeous girls out there and to thank them, here’s a look at some of their versions of the “Gorgeous gorgeous girls love soup” TikTok trend:

@spencer.barbosajust facts ✋🏼 #girls #relatable #teenager #gorgeousgirl♬ original sound – spencer barbosa🧚🏻

@keepingupwithhopiegorgeous gorgeous girlssss♬ gorgeous gorgeous girls always wear lipgloss – Hope Spinner

@kbeauch13#gorgeousgorgeousgirls #golittlerockstar #forthegirls #wine♬ KBeauch13GorgeousGirlsLoveWine – Kirsty

@joan.milbsthis gorgeous gorgeous girl has adhd, can you tell? 😌💅🏻✨ #gorgeousgorgeousgirls #adhdtiktok #foodtiktok #soupgirls♬ GORGEOUS GIRLS GRAZE – joan

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