Francis Bourgeois girlfriend TikTok

People found out Francis Bourgeois has a girlfriend and they’ve been distraught ever since

I am inconsolable to say the least

Francis Bourgeois from TikTok has been hitting the headlines recently after his fans found out his real name is in fact Luke Nicolson. But just as we thought that whole drama was fizzling out, Francis has just announced he has a girlfriend and, obviously, we’re all completely heartbroken. He announced the devastating news in this TikTok video and the comment section is exactly what you’d expect, it’s the perfect mix of humour and distress. Here’s a deep dive into the comment section of Francis Bourgeois’ TikTok including his girlfriend:

@francis.bourgeoisThank you to the Railway Touring Company for our wonderful trip to Lincoln! #trains #trending #fyp♬ original sound – Francis Bourgeois

His TikTok comment section is full of over 8,000 people all saying how distraught they are knowing Francis Bourgeois has a girlfriend who isn’t them. Seriously, it’s actually laughable how fixated thousands of us are on this man who just likes trains. If you haven’t seen the comment section already then just picture a crowd of people frantically and angrily punching the air whilst they uncontrollably cry – it has that vibe.

The video itself has over half a million likes and 3.6 million views, the top comment says: “Approximately 900,000 women just died of heartbreak” and, to be honest, they’re not wrong. Another person commented: “Girlfriend? I don’t know what I’m going to tell my parents” – tell them yourself and approximately every other lonely, single person in the UK right now can be found screaming, crying and throwing up for the foreseeable future.

Francis is really out here breaking hearts, and whilst we know absolutely nothing about his girlfriend so far, it can’t help but make some of us think “what if he was in love with me and not her?”. One man even commented: “I’m a straight dude and even I’m sad he’s taken.”

For some bizarre reason, men are still convinced women want a bad boy. When in reality all women want is a sweet train boy who will go to cat cafes with us. All we can do is hope Francis’ girlfriend knows how lucky she is to have the nation’s most wholesome man in her life.

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