MrBeast YouTuber tournament

MrBeast has started a new influencer tournament with a cash prize of one million dollars


If you don’t know who MrBeast is at this point then I don’t know what to say other than he is one of the biggest name’s on YouTube and you should be embarrassed. Recently he hosted his very own version of Squid Game which involved 456 players and a cash prize of $456,000 as well as around $3.5 million being spent in production – basically the guy has access to a lot of money. Videos on a huge scale aren’t out of character for him, and just yesterday MrBeast uploaded an YouTuber tournament with a cash prize of $1,000,000.

The video currently has over 13 million views and it features 15 of the biggest names on the internet. Making an appearance are Logan Paul, Bella Poarch, Pierson, Quackity, Mark Rober, Larray, Lexi Hensler, Zach King, Airrack, Preston, ZHC, Sofie Dossi, Ryan Trahan, Mat and Rosanna Pansino.

Here’s what happens in the MrBeast YouTuber tournament:

Whoever comes out on top of MrBeast’s video doesn’t get to keep the cash prize. The $1,000,000 dollars is intended for their fans which is pretty iconic. The first challenge shows an Olympic sprinter running around a sports stadium and the first YouTuber to touch him goes onto the next round. And to be fair to Logan Paul, he was very fast and he quickly won which meant he was one step closer to the cash prize.

The second game was easy, it saw Logan picking a random YouTuber left from the group to move on with him and he picked Larray. Then the third challenge had everyone remaining blindfolded whilst the cash prize was being hidden somewhere in the stadium and they had to run around and find it – Quackity found the cash first.

And then the fourth round tested everyone’s math skills because they each had to estimate and add up everyone’s YouTube subscriber count including MrBeast which is at 85 million. Anyway, ZHC won this challenge by guessing closest to the actual number which was 233,042,520 – wild, I know.

via YouTube

And then for the fifth challenge MrBeast filled out the entire stadium with cardboard cutouts of his hometown friend Karl. The remaining ten YouTubers had to essentially run around the stadium and try to find Karl who was sitting somewhere amongst the cutouts. The person to win this challenge was Sofie Dossi.

MrBeast really did fill the stadium

Right, the sixth challenge seemed pretty fun. Each remaining YouTuber was given a doll of themselves which they had to stuff into a canon and shoot across the field onto a target. Rosanna was the person who landed her doll closest to the target so she won and safely moved onto the next challenge.

via YouTube

Challenge number seven saw the remaining nine creators go head to head in a talent show and the person judging was Dr Phil!! Mark won this one for his wild magic tricks which totally stunned Phil – we love to see it.

Dr Phil getting ready to judge the YouTubers

The eight challenge was actually really rogue because the eight contestants left had to run away, flush a toilet and the first one to run back to MrBeast would move onto the next challenge and after a very strong start, Zach made it onto the toilet seat by MrBeast first.

Challenge number nine had seven bowling lanes each packed with 100 bowling pins. And MrBeast announced whoever knocks down the most pins with one shot wins. Mat won by knocking down 86 of the 100 pins. And the final challenge in part one was down to the audience of the six remaining contestants. MrBeast put a poll out asking his fans to decide who should go into the final few stages and try to win the cash prize, he left them with 10 minutes to vote. The person who won it was Bella Poarch who had 36 per cent of the vote.

Part two is scheduled to be uploaded sometime tomorrow and in it we can expect to see Logan Paul, Larray, Quackity, ZHC, Sofie Dossi, Rosanna, Mark, Mat, Zach and Bella.

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