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MrBeast has finally dropped his own Squid Game and it’s mad, watch it here

Players were literally put into coffins like the show

The wait is officially over, MrBeast has finally posted his very own version of Squid Game onto his YouTube channel and it is mad. Within the first hour he already had over five millions views, so you already KNOW it’s going to be good.

MrBeast spent millions making his own Squid Game for his YouTube

Around a month ago, MrBeast announced he was in the process of creating his very own Squid Game for his YouTube channel. And then he revealed how much he had spent. It turns out MrBeast put around $2 million into building the set and then a further $1.5 million in prizes. But after watching his video, it’s clear how every single penny was totally worth it.

After getting backlash for the insane amount of spending, MrBeast has been swamped with praise for his unreal video. One person on Twitter said: “I don’t watch MrBeast often, but man his recent video Squid Game is one of the best videos I’ve seen on YouTube in a long time. Glad to see him with so much dedication.”

In the 25 minute long video we see 456 random people battle it out in a series of games to try and win the grand prize of $456,000. The challenges are pretty similar to the original Netflix show with and some players even get out into coffins – it’s truly wild.

Watch MrBeast’s own Squid Game on his YouTube channel here:

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