Where the Ameno Amapiano TikTok audio comes from and lyrics to you want to bamba you want to chill with the big boys song

Ok so what is the ‘you want to bamba, you want to chill with the big boys’ TikTok audio?

Play this at my funeral

Right now, you probably have one audio and one audio only stuck in your head from TikTok. It’s ridiculously catchy, everyone is using it and tbh, I don’t mind that it’s circulating in my mind over and over again, because it’s a bop. That audio goes: “You want to bamba? You want to chill with the big boys?” and I am obsessed.

So, where did the TikTok audio come from? And where can I stream the real song over, and over and over again?

What is the ‘you want to bamba, you want to chill with the big boys’ song?

The sound has now been used in over half a million TikTok posts. Toby from Love Island used the audio and his video has had over a million views. It’s one of the most used sounds currently on the app. And yes, it is a real song. The new song is a remix of an old audio that went viral on TikTok, given a new dance boppy twist.

The new song is by Goya Menor and Nektunez and is called Ameno Amapiano. Goya Menor is a fast-rising music producer, referred to as one of Nigeria’s most talented acts right now, and they teamed up with act Nektunez to make a new Amapiano remix version of the what’s been called the most talked-about song in the world, “Ameno.”

The lyrics of the bop are: “You want to bamba, You wanna chill with the big boys, Oya meno, Ameno, Oyadepe kirin, Kekedimi Yana Kukirin, Help me tell them how the thing goes, How the thing goes”. Another part of the lyrics going viral read: “You want to bamba, You wanna chill with the big boys, Na you dey run kiti kiti, You dey run kata kata, No fit drink water drop cup, Shey you see how the thing goes”.

Amapiano music is a “surging” subgenre of South African house music, according to Rolling Stone magazine. “Even during the pandemic, amapiano, a bright, jazzy dance music culled from local house flavours and global R&B, has persisted as the country’s top genre,” the publication says. On TikTok, the #amapiano hashtag stands at more than half a billion views.

You might recognise the song name and sound slightly from a trend earlier in the year. “Ameno”, a song by French new-age musical project Era, went viral and this was the song of cursed TikTok. It’s an electronic pop song and had huge chart success in France, Belgium, Sweden and Latin America. It peaked at number two in Belgium, five in France, five in Sweden, 12 in Germany and 32 in Iceland. This is the song that has been remixed and is playing in the background of the new remix. Remember the old audio? If you weren’t in cursed TikTok at the time, here it is:

Here are some examples of the audio being used on TikTok

I dare you to watch these and not dance along.

@tobyaromolaranBut im trying to be like youuuuu thooo! ##imthemaincharacter @boohooman AD

♬ Ameno Amapiano – Remix – Goya Menor & Nektunez

@_j.mi______❤️. Imu guys ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##trend ##trending

♬ Ameno Amapiano – Remix – Goya Menor & Nektunez

@reneespiridisCome let aunty nae help ##fyp ##selflove ##confidence ##loveyourself

♬ Ameno Amapiano – Remix – Goya Menor & Nektunez

@_ehiz ♬ Ameno Amapiano – Remix – Goya Menor & Nektunez

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