Go little rockstar TikTok

Where does the ‘Go little rockstar’ TikTok sound come from and what are the real lyrics?

These aren’t even the right lyrics lol

Sometimes TikTok just really pulls at your heart strings and make you feel something you’ve never felt before and right now TikTokers are doing that by using the ‘Go little rockstar’ song. It’s guaranteed to make you cry because everyone is using it to share a really wholesome and heartwarming story. But it turns out the current lyrics aren’t the right ones, here’s everything we know:

People on TikTok think the lyrics are actually ‘Go little rockstar’

So a band called SALES is going viral for their song called Pope is a Rockstar which means TikTokers using the audio have been butchering the lyrics. The song was originally released in 2016 and has recently went viral on TikTok for users showing off the achievements either themselves or someone they know has made. Like for example, your mate going through a rough patch and then graduating from uni – it’s all very sweet and wholesome. But once you hear the new lyrics, it’s hard to unhear them and it kind of ruins the whole trend.

Anyway, here are the real lyrics to Pope is a Rockstar

It’s actually quite jokes one person on TikTok can accidentally cock up the lyrics to a viral trend and then make literally millions of other people get them wrong. Anyway, here are the actual lyrics to Pope is a Rockstar: “You can be the highlight. Pope is a rockstar. Hoping on a late night.” Listen to the full lyrics below:

The trend is actually painfully sweet, it’s so nice and you should all take some time today to watch all the videos but be warned as they will make you weep.

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