golden retriever boyfriend

So what is a golden retriever boyfriend? And how do I know if I’m dating one?

They’re goofy and loveable just like a golden retriever

There are two types of men you date. The first is the arrogant, time wasters, who take hours to text you back and think a date consists of Netflix and chill. And then there are the nice guys. However for some reason “nice guy” just always sounds like an insult. Though they’re loving, affectionate, and want to take you on proper dates we always go for the arrogant time wasters. But now girls on TikTok are reframing the nice guys into “golden retriever boyfriends” and I’ve never wanted one more.

On TikTok the golden retriever boyfriend hashtag has over 4million views and is full of girls showing off their wonderfully wholesome golden retriever boyfriends. They’re typically gamer boys who when they’re not playing video games are full of affection and practically following their girlfriend around like a lost puppy. Except they’re not lost they just enjoy their girlfriend’s company.

Whilst comparing men to dogs would usually be a go to insult, this time it’s not a bad thing. Golden retrievers are the most universally beloved dog breed. Does anyone dislike golden retrievers? No because they’re balls of loving and happy energy just like your unproblematic boyfriend.

So how do you know if your boyfriend is a golden retriever boyfriend? And what exactly are they?

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According to Urban Dictionary a golden retriever boyfriend is “a significant other that is easygoing and makes it fairly simple to maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship. Hence the reasoning why it is similar to having a golden retriever.”

These boyfriends make your life easy and happy and require little maintenance. They will do nice things for you such as make you breakfast, send you cute messages and generally be a supportive figure in your life. They’re goofy, funny and never cause any drama.

They’re also like golden retrievers as they require little to make them happy. They just want to know they’re loved and receive plenty of affection.

And sometimes they really are like dogs. One TikToker compared her boyfriend to a golden retriever because he loved collecting sticks, exploring everything, had random bursts of energy and can sleep anywhere.

What is the connection with bi women?

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A big stereotype on TikTok right now is bi women suggesting they are particularly attracted to golden retriever men. They often create TikToks joking they hate the stereotype and then share their golden retriever boyfriend.

If you want a celebrity couple to put this stereotype into context then look no further than icon Phoebe Bridgers and her boyfriend Paul Mescal, who people are comparing to the bi girlfriend and golden retriever boyfriend.

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