Vote: What was the most truly iconic moment of 2021?

Jackie Weaver, what a throwback

2021 has been a year of many ups, plenty of downs, and most importantly – absolute chaos. What exactly went down in 2021? Genuinely who knows. It’s probably been the second weirdest year in living memory, and we’ve still got two weeks to go (yay!). However at long last, the time has finally come to vote for the most iconic moment of 2021.

But throughout all the carnage, there are 18 moments that stand out as truly wild. This year we’ve had the Euros (most importantly, Jack Grealish), “Omicron”, Jackie Weaver, Squid Game, the Suez Canal, Bernie Sanders on a chair and plenty more.

So sit back, crank up the Christmas songs, and vote for the most iconic moment of 2021 once and for all.

These are the 18 most iconic moments of 2021:

1. Bernie Sanders on a chair

2021 started off with this golden moment – a meme that would henceforth be known as “Bernie on a chair”. Wrapped warmly in his coat and mittens at Joe Biden’s inauguration, this iconic shot was captured and immortalised for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

Someone even made a website so you could place Bernie on a chair anywhere in the world!!! From your uni campus to the moon, Bernie really made the rounds and it was truly phenomenal.

2. Sea Shanty resurgence

The revival of the sea shanties took off after 26-year-old Scotsman Nathan Evans posted a video on TikTok singing “The Wellerman”. The folksong originating from New Zealand sparked a fresh resurgence of love for this trend and people just couldn’t get it out of their heads.

Nathan’s rendition became so popular that he produced it professionally, created a music video and performed it with Jack Whitehall at the Brits. And good for Nathan! An iconic moment in time but please never play sea shanties at nightclubs again or I might just explode with rage x


All hail Queen Jackie Weaver – the national hero born out of that viral Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting. The most beefy, unhinged and truly iconic zoom meeting of all time.

In summary: one guy just told Jackie she had no authority at all and told her to leave. Like a true legend, she kicked him out the meeting and has been hailed a legend ever since.

4. The four lads meme

Technically this picture existed before 2021, however it didn’t truly blow up until January this year – and it was priceless. The four lads meme truly came to life when Twitter decided to paint them as the faces of braindead, borderline racist – *that* kind of British opinion.

They became legitimate icons, with a fresh round of memes transforming them into the most chaotic people of lockdown 3.0. One of them claims they were even approached to go on Love Island.

5. That time there was a ship stuck in the Suez Canal

A huge cargo ship got stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt and no one really had any idea why it was relevant to our lives. Apparently it’s one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Obviously this wasn’t ideal for anyone, but it did give birth to a lot of memes.

6. When Harry and Meghan shook the world by going on Oprah

The most explosive celebrity interview to date – when Prince Harry and Meghan appeared on Oprah. Alongside claims that the Royal family were racist, Meghan insisted Kate made her cry, and that they were shunned from the family, not the other way around. Talk about airing dirty laundry.

7. Prince Philip’s death announcement on BBC Radio 1

After many years of rumours, 2021 marked the year that Prince Philip officially died, plunging the country into an enforced period of mourning. The announcement was initially made on all of the BBC radio and TV channels. On BBC Radio 1’s Dance Anthems however, it was marked with a true sign of respect: a seriously dutty bass drop.

8. Love Island: Millie playing the piano and ‘I’m not gunna let nobody take me for a prick no whey’

Look, we have very little to show for Love Island 2021, famously the most dull yet. Thank god for our two undeniable queens Chloe and Millie who single-handedly carried the show with two precise moments – the talent show where Millie boasted her skills on the piano and Chloe’s queen attitude.

Twitter was on its best form throughout this season and the memes prove it.

9. Matt Hancock’s kissing video

Something absolutely not one of us wanted to see – a CCTV video leak of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock breaking Covid guidelines and kissing his aide Gina Coladangelo. The sheer nostalgia of year eight disco vibes was enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable – let alone The Sun referring to their affair as “canoodling”.

10. The Euros bum flare guy

The Euro’s as a whole was iconic, but there was nothing better when an absolute legend, Charlie Perry, a 25-year-old roofer from Sunbury-on-Thames, made his country proud by putting a lit flare up his arse in the middle of Wembley, on the day of the England vs. Italy Euros final.

11. Nicki Minaj vs Chris Whitty

Probably the most unexpected showdown of 2021: when Nicki Minaj went head to head with Chris Whitty.

Minaj sent Twitter wild when she tweeted that her cousin’s friend in Trinidad suffered “swollen testicles” after getting jabbed, which subsequently caused his girlfriend to call off their wedding.

And things got weirder when Dr Whitty and the Prime Minister were called upon to respond in a Government press conference.

12. When there was a petrol shortage so the BBC sent a reporter named ‘Phil McCann’ to cover it

This one speaks for itself really.

13. Squid Game taking over the world

Oh, this old thing? Just the most watched Netflix show EVER, and the first TV show ever to quite literally take over the world. A new cultural phenomenon was born this year and Netflix will never be the same.

14. Emma Thompson dancing like a nutter to Adele

2021 marked the much anticipated release of Adele’s new album, “30”. Not only were we blessed with 12 classic Adele bangers, but also this video of Emma Thompson just losing her shit to Adele’s music.

15. When Dermot O’Leary was mistaken for Philip Schofield on This Morning and praised for coming out

This one’s just a classic, really.

16. Red – Taylor’s version and Jake Gyllenhaal

With Taylor’s re-release of her new version of Red, the self-proclaimed soundtrack to her break up with Jake Gyllenhaal, the drama was well and truly struck back to life.

The internet very much went through a big “fuck you Jake Gyllenhaal” phase and it was hard not to notice.

17. Downing Street Christmas party

The Government were baited once again – and this time it was for an alleged Christmas party held in Downing Street last year, when the rest of us were forced into lockdown. In true British fashion, we used this as another opportunity to absolutely rinse the Government on Twitter. And it was pretty jokes.

17. Jesy Nelson at the Jingle Bell Ball

Jesy Nelson’s shoulder pump at the Jingle Bell Ball will go down in history as one of the best performances of this year. Nay, this CENTURY. The meme reactions were equally as good though.

18. Strictly Come Dancing: Rose and Giovanni’s Couple’s Choice dance

A truly wholesome one to finish off with: in week eight of the competition, the pair performed their Couple’s Choice, a dance that celebrated the Deaf community. Midway through the routine, the song went silent, sparking tears among viewers as they watched the couple continue to dance beautifully without music.

Not only did it inspire millions, but they went on to win the show.

I guess 2021 has been an eventful year after all?

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