No. 10’s Christmas party definitely wasn’t funny, but these 18 reaction memes sure are

There’s nothing quite as unique as British humour x

Once again, Twitter has returned to lighten the mood – in response to a completely shambolic move from the government. Last night footage emerged of Downing Street aides joking about a Christmas party allegedly held in No10, the day before the PM cancelled Christmas for millions by plunging London into Tier 4 lockdown.

In other words, whilst Downing Street were living it up, the rest of us were stuck at home – unable to see our loved ones – having one of the most depressing Christmases to date. People are obviously fuming about this, and fair enough.

However, in typical British fashion, many have taken to Twitter to basically just take the piss, and it’s pretty funny.

Here’s a round up of the 17 funniest reactions.

1. Some festive bangers

2. Baited

3. Whoops

4. Here we go again x

5. At least there’s one politician we can trust

6. You said it, not me

7. Wish you better Boris!

8. Can’t bloody wait

9. The resemblance is uncanny

10. Just. Don’t. Say. A. Word.

11. Gove in the garden

12. Has a nice ring to it, actually

13. That smoulder though

14. It is what it is

15. Can I get a woot woot?

16. The empty chairs make a nice aesthetic

17. Honey came in and she caught me red-handed

18. It’s the full name for me

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