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Why is everyone saying Bing Bong right now and what’s the story behind the meme?

I am trying so hard not to shout out ‘bing bong’ rn😤😤

You might have seen the bing bong meme recently going around on Twitter. If you have then it’s very understandable as to why you’d be confused about it. It’s not the clearest of memes and there’s no real context being shared along with the memes either but luckily for you, your confusion is about to come to an end. Here’s everything you would possibly need to know about the bing bong meme, including where it came from and how it blew up on the internet.

The bing bong meme was started by an NBA player

Okay so the meme was birthed on October 21 this year, it happened when the New York Knicks beat the Boston Celtics on the first night of the new NBA season. The YouTube channel, Sidetalk, then posted a video of a Knicks fan celebrating the win in ways that were so over the top. At one point, the camera cuts to a Knicks fan called Jordan Bloom who sings “bing bong” like a tune. You can watch the moment it happened below:

And basically since then, it’s just stuck and the bing bong meme has made it’s own way over to Twitter where the video went viral. The original YouTube video, though, has just over 1.1 million views and the comments pretty much all say “bing bong”. So yeah, a big Knicks fan was celebrating and just blurted it out, it must be pretty iconic to be Jordan Bloom right now.

Here’s a roundup of the best bing bong memes on Twitter so far

1. It’s impossible to resist any longer

2. I felt the stress with this one

3. Yes, this is really what you look like when you say it too

4. Our response to everything going forward with now be ‘BING BONG’

5. I felt this

6. It really was

7. Um, I hope never


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