This is what happens on December 3rd on TikTok

It’s cuffing season

So today is December 3rd and everyone on my FYP keeps talking about the date as if something is going to happen.

The videos are always accompanied by the same song which is a soft acoustic tune with these lyrics: “I still remember, third of December. Me in your sweater, you said it looked better on me than it did you, only if you knew how much I liked you.”

Here’s exactly what’s meant to happen on December 3rd and where the TikTok trend actually came from:

People think December 3rd is the day they’ll fall in love

@clementinespieserit’s okay me too and dec 3rd is almost 3 away i’m screwed☹️ #december3rd #single♬ original sound – user5765262491885

Basically people think December 3rd is the day someone will sweep them off their feet and whisk them away into the sunset. Honestly, I’m not hedging my bets.

And the origins of this trend go back to the song from the TikTok.

The trend comes from a song called Heather

The trend actually started in 2020 when TikTok users made videos with Conan Gray’s song: Heather.

The term Heather allegedly dates back to a film called Heathers (1988), and means a good-looking or popular girl.

The song is about fancying someone basically and many TikTok users hope December 3rd will be the day the finally get given a jumper as some form of love token. Tbh, I’d take a new fleece over over being inundated with Heathers, any day.

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