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A deep dive into the rumours saying Katylee and Grace are maybelee back together

They went to Winter Wonderland together👀

Katylee Bailey and Grace Waites from TikTok recently had a bad break up so it’s safe to say the pair know all too well what it’s like to experience heartbreak. Having a relationship in the public eye can’t be easy, especially when you are essentially TikTok royalty. They began their romance earlier this year, things were looking great, Katylee had broken up with TikTok legend Libby Mae and the couple seemed happier than ever posting viral videos. That was until Katylee and Grace broke up after rumours surfaced saying Katylee and kissed her ex Libby Mae.

But a few months have since passed and Katylee and Grace have started posting on TikTok together again. And things are getting flirty to say the least. Their fans in their comment sections are saying there’s a chance the iconic couple are back together and, to be honest, I’d love that. Here’s all the clues we have so far showing that the pair could end up back together, starting with a flirty TikTok:

‘Come fuck me like a hoe best friend’

In this TikTok we can hear a remix version of the popular song Twinnem. Katylee lip syncs “Go best friend” whilst Grace then takes over and lip syncs “Go best friend, come fuck me like a hoe best friend”. The top comment says: “Maybelee they’re back together,” and another comment points out the way Grace looked at Katylee – watch it for yourself:

@k4tyl33THE END 🤯🤯@grac3waites♬ twinnem remix – aaroncanthoop ❤️‍🔥

‘When you’re chilling with your ex’

Most of Grace’s and Katylee’s videos where they both appear are filmed in a hotel room. In one particular video posted by Grace, the caption on the screen says: “When you’re chilling with your ex and one of your girlfriends message you” – ONE of them! The TikTok has 1.5 million views and over 140,000 likes. The top comment says: “I think you should get back together. I think you’re sweet together,” and it has over 1,200 likes.

@grac3waites ♬ original sound – Solo

They went to Winter Wonderland together

Look, I’m not saying mates can’t go to Winter Wonderland together but who on this silly little island is willing to go to Winter Wonderland with their ex? It seems very suss.

@grac3waitesWinter wonderland❄️❤️♬ Good Life – Inner City

Libby Mae is focusing on herself apparently

Obviously you can’t talk about Katylee Bailey and Grace Waites without Libby Mae’s name popping up. Libby posted this TikTok yesterday of her standing in a rock pool on holiday looking out into the horizon and the caption said: “Me sitting back watching TikTok lesbians play each other while I’m actually focussing on myself and not bothering with girls” – iconic.

@libbymae24 ♬ original sound – Zoe LaVerne

If only we could all be like Libby Mae, but unfortunately their love triangle TikTok drama has all of us in a chokehold.

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