Libby Mae and Katylee TikTok drama

Libby Mae and Katylee keep on making TikToks about going back to exes and it’s very suss

Long live the Libby Mae and Katylee TikTok drama

There are millions of people on this silly little island, but for some reason, we’re all obsessed with the Libby Mae and Katylee drama on TikTok. The pair have been posting videos on their accounts and it’s made everyone think they’re either getting back together or they’re just STILL salty about the breakup. The pair broke up back in April earlier this year and since then, it’s been pure chaos.

Katylee has been a bit more quiet but Libby Mae has NOT been holding back on shit posting about a certain ex. Some of her videos are straight up about missing her ex and others are giving a whole “you did me dirty” vibe. If you’ve missed the videos then here’s a rundown of all the ones you need to watch:

Okay firstly, Libby Mae filmed a TikTok captioned “Do you miss her?” and in the video, the audio says no and then the person speaking starts crying. Obviously this could be about anyone, but the comments are all mentioning the same name: Katylee. It seems very, very suss.

@libbymae24Anyone else get like this?♬ original sound – Brandon Peachey

Libby Mae also made a video to an audio which says “Please come back” and her video was captioned with: “When you broke up with your girlfriend for a hot girl summer but now it’s getting to winter and you want to do cute couple things.” May I remind you that Libby Mae and Katylee announced their breakup on TikTok just before summer this year in April which is interesting. The top comment on this video says “Regretty Mae” and it seems like everyone is loving the drama.

@libbymae24😉♬ Spinback – Comethazine

Katylee and Libby Mae have had a rocky ride since their breakup was announced on TikTok earlier this year. Libby Mae has had different romances between now and her breakup with Katylee, and we all know Katylee was dating Grace Waites until very recently. Libby Mae revealed she is, in fact, very tempted to text her ex. Like all the other TikTok videos she’s being pretty discreet and not saying any names but in one video she’s saying she’s tempted to text her ex around 500 times a day – mad. The comments  are egging her on to just send the damn text and to be honest, I agree. We can all die happy once we know our TikTok queens are together again.

@libbymae24🤫♬ original sound – asher.e

In all of these TikTok videos directed towards her ex, Libby Mae has been very salty in a few of them. She made one video captioned with: “Just saying if you’re my ex and you’re wondering what I’m doing or who I’m with, it’s none of your business. You had a chance and you ruined it.” And in the background we can hear “Girl I fuck who I want and fuck who I don’t” – it’s chaotic.

@libbymae24 ♬ original sound – Literally this is just random

It’s not all Libby Mae, though, Katylee hasn’t exactly been innocent in all of this. She made a viral video and has since decided to turn the comments off. In the video we can hear Adele sing “Rumour has it he’s the one I’m leaving you for” and then it cuts to Lizzo singing “All the rumours are true.” But the caption is what’s interesting, it says: “Rumour has it all my exes always come back.”

@k4tyl33Must do something right;)♬ RUMOR HAS IT x ALL THE RUMORS ARE TRUE – LAUREN🌈🦋✨🌎

Long live the Libby Mae and Katylee TikTok drama – it’s so entertaining.

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