A test of your TV trivia in a quiz all about Netflix in 2021

Only someone who’s spent way too much time watching Netflix in 2021 can ace this quiz

Sounds perfect for me!!

In a shitty year, Netflix has come through as a bit of a savour. Amongst the chaos, awful news and dreary reality – there has been some pretty stellar TV over the last year. So, putting together everything that we’ve watched during 2021, it’s time to prove how much of a Netflix addict you really are – in a quiz to test your knowledge.

Where would we have been this year without Bridgerton? Sex Education and YOU came back and saved us from a year of hell, we’ve had our dose of luxury real estate and drama from Selling Sunset, an equal dose of trash and easy entertainment from Ginny and Georgia and top quality reality TV rubbish from Too Hot To Handle. You know, I’m still not over the ending of Behind Her Eyes? I can’t look at pigeons in the same way and I worry for little Adam’s safety every damn day. Wow, what a year.

So, it’s time to step up to the challenge. Think you watch a lot of Netflix? Prove it. In the quiz below you’ll be asked a series of questions about shows which have gone big in 2021 – any seasoned Netflix binger should be able to get full marks in their sleep. This is your LIFE.

If you think you’ve watched a lot of Netflix in 2021, take this quiz to truly test your knowledge:

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