Match the Netflix teen drama school to the show it appears in quiz

Quiz: Can you match the Netflix show to the school that appears in it?

At this point, loving teen dramas is part of my personality

Forget gritty true crime and hard-hitting documentaries, if there’s one type of show that Netflix seems to always nail it’s teen dramas. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a series that is painfully relatable, hilarious and a little bit cringe at the same time. All of these Netflix series centre around a bunch of teenagers and their school – so if you were really paying attention and love the shows – this quiz about where they take place should be a breeze.

Are the ins and outs of Sex Education trivia etched into your memory? Do you know exactly the name of where the typically good looking guys in every drama lean against their lockers as everyone walks down the corridor and swoons? Are you a teen drama intellect who, if you went on Mastermind, would choose it as your specialist subject? Let’s truly test your knowledge to see if you’re top of the class, or a bit of a flop. All you have to do is either name the school from the Netflix teen drama, or match the school to the correct show. Easy.

See if you can correctly identify and match all the Netflix shows to the school that appears in it, in the quiz below:

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