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Quiz: Can you guess the Netflix show just from its description?

A true test of your knowledge

There are two types of people in the world: Those who will watch a Netflix series blind and those who will scrupulously research and read-up on a series before they watch it. It’s usually the latter who then pay more attention to what they’re watching, so are more likely to ace this Netflix synopsis quiz.

If someone describes a show to you, is it all just words or are they speaking your language? Do you know every single series you’ve ever watched like you saw it yesterday? Or would you not remember the last thing you binged if it slapped you in the face? It’s time to see how well you really do focus on what you watch, and if you can actually remember what’s going on in them all.

In this quiz you will see the synopsis for a show in each question, and all you have to do is match it to which show the Netflix description has come from. Sounds easy, right? It’s time to find out.

Take this quiz to see if you guess the Netflix show from its synopsis:

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