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Take this quiz to find out how addicted to Netflix you’ve really become in lockdown

Oh god, prepare to feel seen

Do you ever get the feeling that during this lockdown Netflix has become your only friend? You know, Netflix really gets you. It’s there for you when nobody else is. It recommends you things it knows you’ll love. Hell, Netflix and you have a damn special connection and nobody else understands it. If this is you, prepare to feel seen in this quiz, sorry.

Have you cut off the rest of the world and gone full scale in a relationship with your Netflix account? Or do you still do your one allowed form of exercise a day, Zoom call your friends and occasionally bake a banana bread? Did you binge watch all of Too Hot To Handle in one day or are you so anti reality TV it never even crossed your mind to watch it? Do you sing the Carole Baskin version of Savage every day or did that sentence make no sense to you?

This quiz is about to finally tell you what percentage addicted to Netflix you have really become during lockdown. Prepare for the worst.

Take this quiz to see how reliant on Netflix you have really become during the lockdown:

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