Which iconic Netflix character are you? Take this quiz and find out

Forever dreaming I’ll be like Eric from Sex Education


Netflix has brought some pretty iconic characters into our lives. Some we hate, some we love, some we want to be friends forever with and some we are just outright obsessed with. So now it’s time to find out the answer to everyone’s ultimate question: who out of all these amazing people am I most like? This Netflix character quiz is about to tell you.

Have you ever sat with a glass of wine and your dog and thought damn I’m so Jessica from Love Is Blind right now?  Have you ever tracked someone down on social media so quickly you’ve thought you could give Joe Goldberg and The Stranger a run for their money? Are you the sassy lead part in your friendship group or the secondary character who is always in the shadows? It’s time for true answers.

Take this Netflix character quiz to find out who you are most like:

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