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If you really are true crime obsessed you’ll get at least 10/13 in this quiz

This should be easy

Whether or not we like to admit it, a lot of us are obsessed with true crime documentaries. Call us messed up, but a serious interest in real life crime stories and serial killers is definitely a thing. To the extent where a lot of us would call ourselves true crime experts. But do we really know everything there is to know? This true crime quiz is about to tell you.

Do you watch every new Netflix true crime documentary on the day it comes out? Do you Google cold cases in your spare time? Do you seriously think you’d give an FBI officer a run for his money? Or are you always on your phone when your friends put a documentary on? Or find it really weird when people openly say they are obsessed with serial killers?

Take this true crime quiz to prove you really are an expert:

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