Personality quiz of which character from season three of Sex Education on Netflix you are most like

Which Sex Education season three character are you? Take this quiz to find out

I just want to be Ruby, is that too much to ask?

Name a character in Sex Education that you don’t like. Someone you completely have not an inch of liking for. You can’t can you? And that’s because they are all beautiful in their own right. The Netflix show has gifted us with complex, diverse and stunning personalities which are unmatched, and we can’t help but adore and support – in whatever their journey might be. So, which of these are you most like? This character quiz is going to tell you which of the many personalities in Sex Education season three you are.

Some of us can only dream of the dizzy heights of being a natural born Ruby, a queen who knows she’s that bitch and won’t let anyone tell her different. Maybe you’re an all-round gem and lovely person like Eric, a cool but defensive Maeve, or a generous and caring Aimee? Who knows, you might be a lil bit goofy and a slight hot mess like Otis, or you could be effortlessly unapologetic and independent like newbie Cal?

You can only truly be one character from season three of Sex Education, so it’s time to find out in the quiz below who you are spiritually aligned with.

Take this quiz to see which character from Sex Education season three you really are:

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