A trivia quiz of the best quotes from Sex Education on Netflix

Try and get full marks in this iconic Sex Education quotes quiz, you detty pig

Only the best can recite the lyrics to F The Pain Away


One thing that makes Sex Education the incredible show that it is, is how painfully relatable it is. Every single word the characters say, or situation they get themselves in, albeit a little over dramatised sometimes, feels like a genuine reflection of real life. And that’s what makes us love everyone in the show and have such strong connections with them. On top of all that, the show is jokes and some of the one liners they come out with are nothing short of art – and this Sex Education quotes quiz is a collection of some of the best, which have shaped the show.

Do you know who said all the heartfelt outpourings to one another? Or the *exact* context of Eric delivering the “detty pig” line? (Which was actually improvised, by the way). How about the lyrics to the iconic Fuck The Pain Away or exactly how Steve described vulvas? It’s time to test your Sex Education quotes knowledge – so grab a vulva cake, settle your pet goat and get ready. Good luck, you detty pig.

Take this quiz to see how well you really know Sex Education quotes:

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