Personality quiz to see which Sex Education character would be your best friend

Quiz: Who from Sex Education on Netflix would be your ultimate bestie?

We all need an Eric in our lives


Let’s be real here, the dream right now is to be a Moordale student – setting the record straight about young people and sex, and singing Fuck The Pain Away down the corridors as you smash down the patriarchy. Sex Education looks like a whole lotta fun, and to be honest I could see myself as a best friend to any one of the whole cast – but this quiz is about to tell you who you are actually best suited with as a bestie.

Would you be an Untouchable, bowing down to queen Ruby and spending your days living it up with her? Or would you be more suited to living your free and best life with Eric, having nothing but fun and good vibes all day long? Maybe your best friend should be Otis – a tender heart, but the right balance of quirky to give you a jokes friend you’ll keep for life. Or maybe, just maybe, you and Aimee could be the icon duo of the century.

So, who would be your Moordale bestie? In the following quiz you will find out who from Sex Education would actually be your best friend, if for some reason they were.

Take this quiz to see which character in Sex Education would be your best friend:

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