Sex Education net worths: Who is the richest of all the cast members?

Imagine being loaded and in one of the best shows ever, a dream

For most of us, it’s an absolute dream situation to be rich, talented, fun, part of the best show on Netflix right now, and besties with all of your cast mates. For the Sex Education cast that is a reality, because not only is the show amazing and do they all have fun in real life together, but their net worths are eye-watering too.

Yep, the show contains a fair few millionaire stars, as well as some for whom the show has created a huge springboard into the world of the rich and famous. Here are the net worths of all the cast members of Sex Education on Netflix.

Gillian Anderson – $40million (£29million)

The net worths of all the cast of Sex Education on Netflix, Gillian Anderson

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Gillian Anderson, who plays Jean in Sex Education, is a pretty big deal, let’s be honest. So seeing that she has a healthy net worth in the tens of millions might not surprise you all that much. She has the largest of all the net worths of the Sex Education cast members. The actress has also been in shows such as The Crown on Netflix, as well as The X-Files and The Fall. She’s won two Emmy Awards and in 2018 got herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s what she deserves.

Asa Butterfield – $6million (£4.4million)

Asa Butterfield

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Asa Butterfield plays Otis in Sex Education and has an estimated net worth of around £4.4million. Asa has made most of his money from other acting roles, having started out in the acting world when he was just nine. His first major role was as Bruno in the film The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas.

Emma Mackey – $150,000 (£110,000)

Emma Mackey

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According to reports, Leeds grad and actress, Emma Mackey, is worth around £110,000. She plays Maeve in Sex Education, which was her breakthrough role and landed her a BAFTA Television Award nomination for Best Female Comedy Performance. Emma is 25 and was born in France.

Ncuti Gatwa – $150,000 (£110,000)

The net worths of all the cast of Sex Education on Netflix, Ncuti Gatwa

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Ncuti Gatwa, who plays Eric, has an estimated net worth which is the same as his co-star Emma Mackey. He is best known as Eric, which earned him a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor in Television and two BAFTA Television Award nominations for Best Male Comedy Performance.

Simone Ashley – $200,000 (£146,000)

The net worths of all the cast of Sex Education on Netflix, Simone Ashley

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Actress Simone Ashley has a reported net worth of around £146,000. Right now, she is best known as Olivia in Sex Education, but she has now landed the role as Kate Sharma in Bridgerton season two, which will see hers and Anthony Bridgerton’s romance at the forefront of the series. Let’s just say, after landing a role like that, her net worth will rise a fair bit!

Mimi Keene – $1.5million (£1.1million)

Mimi Keene

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According to reports, it is estimated that Mimi Keene, who plays, Ruby, is worth just over a million pounds. She’s had a few other TV roles, including being best known as Cindy in EastEnders and she was also in School for Stars.

Aimee Lou Wood – $200,000 (£146,000)

The net worths of all the cast of Sex Education on Netflix, Aimee Lou Wood

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Aimee Lou Wood’s net worth is also estimated to be around the $200,000 mark. As well as playing Aimee in Sex Education, she has had a number of theatre roles and her portrayal of Aimee earned her a BAFTA Television Award for Best Female Comedy Performance.

Connor Swindells – $200,000 (£146,000)

The net worths of all the cast of Sex Education on Netflix, Connor Swindells

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Connor Swindells, who plays Adam, has a similar estimated net worth to some of his co-stars. He has also worked as a model, and most recently stared in the BBC series Vigil.

Alistair Petrie – $8million (£5.9million)

Alistair Petrie

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It’s been reported that Alistair Petrie has a huge net worth of around £5.9million. Alistair plays Mr Groff in Sex Education, but has also been in a bunch of other shows including The Bank Job, The Night Manager, Sherlock, Cloud Atlas, Rush and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He has three sons, two of which are twins and starred in Sex Education alongside him!!

Jemima Kirke – $3million (£2.2million)

Jemima Kirke

via Netflix

Jemima Kirke plays new Moordale headteacher, Hope. According to CelebNetWorth, Jemima has one of the largest of the net worths of the Sex Education cast at £2.2million. She is best known for her role as Jessa Johansson in the HBO series Girlsand is also among the cast of the new TV adaptation of Conversations With Friends.

Jim Howick – $12million (£8.8million)

The net worths of all the cast of Sex Education on Netflix, Jim Howick

via Netflix

Jim Howick, who plays Mr Henricks, is also among some of the richest Sex Education cast members, with a reported net worth of £8.8million. He made his millions as Gerard in Peep Show, as well as being in Horrible Histories and Sex Education. He is also the co-creator, writer and a star of Yonderland, an eight-part family fantasy comedy series that premiered on SkyOne.

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