Hot twins Sex Education

Okay so who are the ‘hot twins’ from Sex Education that everyone’s talking about??

Omg wait Mr Groff is their REAL dad??

So it turns out there’s a set of hot twins in Sex Education and they’re actually related to the man who plays Mr Groff in real life. Not only that but they were also part of the iconic poo on the coach scene and have attended red carpet events with the cast of Sex Education.

Fans of Sex Education have been losing their minds over this viral TikTok. The caption on the screen in the video says: “The hot twins in Sex Education are Mr Groff’s kids in real life” and in the background Fuck The Pain Away is playing as the person who films it is miming – it’s good vibes. This viral video has gained over 380,000 likes and has been played well over three million times.

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People want to know everything there is to know about the hot twins in Sex Education. Who are they? How old are they? What scenes are they in on the show? Luckily for you, we have all the answers to the questions which have kept you up at night. Here’s everything you need to know about the hot twins from Sex Education season three:

The Sex Education ‘hot twins’ have just turned 18

Their names are Cal and Brodie Petrie and they were born on 5 March 2003 making them 18-years-old. They also have an older brother, Angus, who was born in June 2000. And yes, their dad is 50-year-old actor Alistair Petrie. Or, better known to us as Michael Groff. Their mum is also an actress, her name is Lucy Scott but she hasn’t appeared in anything on screen since 2006.

Alistair and his three sons seem like best mates and it’s really wholesome. Look at this stunning photo they snapped together on their family holiday to India back in 2020.

via @calpetrieee on Instagram

Just like any parent on Instagram, Alistair likes to leave comments on his son’s photos because why not? When Cal went to a concert back in 2019, Alistair commented “I hope there wasn’t any swearing”. And then in a photo where Cal is posing on a flashy boat on his holiday, his dad said “Get off my boat” in the comments.

They featured in the iconic coach poo scene

Hot twins Sex Education

via Netflix

Yeah their dad might be Mr Groff from Sex Education, but their real claim to fame is the fact they were in the hugely popular poo scene. When Colin Hendricks clocks the mysterious brown smudge is a poo and he starts to shout, the two twins can be seen smirking standing next to Emily Sands and Maeve Wiley! An iconic shot.

Both of them have edgy vibes

Cal’s Instagram is @cpetrieee and Brodie’s is @brodie.petrie – they both have very cool vibes. Cal has 11 posts on his grid whilst Brodie only has three. But they both shared pictures showing off how much of a fun time they had filming Sex Education. Cal posted this wholesome group photo posing with Adam Groff, Michael Groff (their dad), Maeve Wiley, Emily Sands and Colin Hendricks.

via @cpetrieee on Instagram

Cal has been on the red carpet with the Sex Education cast!!

Naturally with their dad being Alistair Petrie, at least one of these boys has walked along the red carpet. Cal posted a photo back in 2019 just after the first season of Sex Education dropped on Netflix. The photo shows himself with his dad (Mr Groff), Emma Mackey (Maeve Wiley), Asa Butterfield (Otis Milburn) and Kedar Williams-Stirling (Jackson Marchetti).

via @cpetrieee on Instagram

They both have TikTok accounts

Unfortunately neither of them have posted any videos on TikTok but they both have accounts. Cal’s account is @calpetrie and he has over 23,000 followers. Brodie’s account is under the handle @brodiepetrie135 and he has 3,127 followers.

Connor Swindles follows them on Instagram and likes their photos

Connor plays Michael Groff’s son Adam in the show. Recently there was uproar when fans of the show were in disbelief Connor and Alistair aren’t related in real life. But Alistair settled this in a Tweet when he said he feels as though Connor is his son and is very proud of him. Yes, we all cried over it.

Anyway, Connor likes both the boys’ photos on Instagram and even sometimes leaves nice comments supporting them. It seems like one big, happy Sex Education family and I’d like to respectfully request being adopted into it.

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