Forget Ruby and Adam, we all know Colin Hendricks is the best Sex Education character

Emily Sands is one lucky woman

Colin Hendricks is the living and breathing definition of what it means to be a legend. His one-liners and awful dad jokes made us all howl with laughter. Forget about Ruby Matthews and Adam Groff, who needs them when you have Colin Hendricks. We’ve heard it time and time again: so and so carried Sex Education on their back blah blah!! LET ME TELL YOU NOW, Colin grabbed the hypothetical Sex Education bull by the horns and had the ride of his life.

From boarding on the coach full of school kids and exclaiming “Let’s go to France mother fuckers” to proposing to Emily Sands and getting rejected but becoming housemates instead, he ticks all the comedy boxes. Here’s exactly why Colin Hendricks is the best character to ever come out of the Sex Education franchise:

The way he orchestrates his choir is immense

Not only is this man a lyrical genius for having created songs with lyrics like “When I think about you I touch myself” or “Fuck the pain away”, but he’s also beast at leading a choir. When he gets going with his conductor baton, you know you’re in for the best scene of your life. He never fails to disappoint.

It’s like his dying wish is to be Michael’s friend

He’s such a sweet man. He’s absolutely thrilled when Michael Groff lands himself in hot water and needs a spare bed – Colin is the first one to offer.


His shirts belong in the hall of fame

Sure, Ruby Matthews is one of the best dressed characters but why are we overlooking the power of Colin Hendricks wardrobe?? The man has GUITARS ON HIS SHIRTS!! Not to mention his excellent striped suspenders that clash with everything in his wardrobe.

Colin’s relationship with Emily Sands is the dream

Ever since Colin learnt how to talk dirty back in season one, his relationship with Emily just keeps on going from strength to strength. They’re the perfect match and they’ve even said it themselves, they’re such a good team. I can’t think of a single other couple I’d want to take me on a field trip to France.

Look at the way he’s clasping his hands

He showed some excellent detective work when finding the poo sock culprit

That entire episode felt like a fever dream. But when Colin made all the boys pull their trousers up to show if they were wearing both socks, I felt like I was watching a true crime series. His intelligence and skills in detective work really shone through.

The fact his choice of karaoke song is Pump Up The Jam is perfection

Ola doesn’t want to sing, Colin!!

Colin singing Pump Up The Jam to a coach full of students who clearly don’t want to be there is iconic. He doesn’t give a damn, he’s just here for a good time. We all need to be more like Colin Hendricks.

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