Somebody check Adam Groff’s back after he carried Sex Education season three

He is a national treasure and we must keep him safe

Warning: This contains a few spoilers for Sex Education season three

If you’d told me a couple years ago when the show first started that Adam Groff would have ended up being my favourite character, I’d have laughed in your face. But now after clearing the entirety of Sex Education season three, it’s clear that Adam Groff is a sweet soul who must be cherished at all times.

Look Adam was a bully in the first two seasons of Sex Education. He took his anger out on Eric and made his life hell for years. But after how he behaved in season three, it’s really hard not to like him. He was bullied by other students for being with Eric whom was also putting lots of pressure on Adam to figure his sexuality out. Then Eric cheats on him, they break up and all Adam wants is to feel happiness. The transformation his character has had is immense and this is why Adam Groff needs to be kept safe at all costs.

He really tries to embrace his queerness

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Adam came into season three having just found himself in a queer relationship with another man. He’s learning to come into his own and accept his bisexuality and he’s doing it all at his own pace. He allows himself to explore parts of his sexuality with Eric and even has sex with him for the very first time. His storyline of battling internalised homophobia is so important for queer people to see and Adam portrayed it so sensitively. He’s going to help so many young people who are still figuring themselves out, he shows us we don’t need to rush anything even if we’re with someone who’s already pretty comfortable with who they are.

His poem for Eric made us weep

Adam made a big deal about wanting to write a poem for Eric and he had lots of help from Rahim when writing it. When we finally heard the poem after they breakup and it’s safe to say we all wept. Seeing him become so in touch with his emotions was beautiful, honestly I need to see this man get some happiness in season four because he deserves the WORLD.

He felt brave enough to come out to his mum

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Queer people come out in so many different ways, it’s never as straight forward as sitting your parents down and saying you’re gay. Coming out is so much more than the words – it’s also about the actions that follow it.

Seeing Adam tell his mum that Eric wasn’t just a mate and was his boyfriend was a really important scene to watch. Especially after watching him take out his internalised homophobia on other students, including Eric, for the past three seasons. It was like we finally saw him accepting himself and it was so nice.

Adam is such a loveable character

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Adam behaved very badly at the start of Sex Education, but now he’s finally showing his true personality and everyone loves him. We all know how much he wants to do the right thing. We saw how he hates seeing people he cares about get into trouble, whether that’s Rahim for throwing his poo sock or Eric for cheating on him, he even said he could get over it – he’s a sweet, kind and caring soul.

He’s also one of the funniest characters

Adam has the ability to make you cry with both laughter and sadness. Some of his one-liners are jokes. Even though most of the time he’s not trying to make us laugh, he makes our sides split. But most of the time it’s his bittersweet outlook on life that makes us fall in love with this man!! We saw a real change happen during this season and he became so loveable – he carried this entire season on his back.

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