This is what the inside of Otis and Jean’s house from Sex Education actually looks like

It’s a rentable holiday home if you want to see it in person

Ever wanted to know what Otis and Jean Milburn’s house actually looks like inside but don’t have a spare three grand to hire out the chalet? As always, TikTok has you covered. Thanks to the magic of the app that changed our lives, we can live vicariously through affluent gals giving us an exclusive house tour of the most picturesque house on Netflix that isn’t from Selling Sunset. Yep, a girl called Polly on TikTok is doing the Lord’s work and showing us in depth what the Milburn house from Sex Education is really like on the inside.

It’s a sobering blow of realism when you remember that Sex Education is a TV show and that, alas, the interior of Otis and Jean’s family home is merely a set. But the stunning greenery, river views and the wooden chalet aesthetic are real. The chalet is on the border of England and Wales, just off the River Wye. This is what the inside is actually like:

It sleeps 10 and all the rooms are a vibe

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There’s a big attic room that acts as the master bedroom, and then four other double rooms. Every room has incredible views of the river and the valley. There are double and a twin rooms that have a shared balcony, another double room with a balcony and a big bathroom down the hall and then a fifth double room with an en-suite but no balcony.

From one of the bedrooms you can see into the toilet

A slight design flaw is from one bedroom you can see through the window and through another window into the toilet, and it has no frosted glass. You can not poo in peace in this chalet!

There’s a big, leafy conservatory

Sex Education Milburn House

Credit: Farrow-Ball

The Sex Education Milburn family house has a huge dining room, a leafy conservatory and two living rooms that both look over the iconic balconies that Gillian Anderson is always lounging on being a living legend in her role as Jean. There’s a massive kitchen and a downstairs bathroom, too. Basically it’s a ginormous. And gorgeous. Prices seem to vary depending on dates, but for a minimum four night stay on the earliest available booking dates the price is £2995. You can book The Chalet here. And if you’ve got three grand spare, where else would you want to go?

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