This is exactly what the Sex Education characters would be like as uni students

Aimee is such a BNOC

Finally season three of Sex Education is nearly upon us. Over the past two seasons, we’ve watched these characters grow up and get in and out of relationships – but have you ever wondered what they would be like at uni? Which character would be on the phone to their mum crying every night, who would sleep in for every seminar and most importantly who is spending their evenings as a club rep?

Well look no further because with this article you can finally find out exactly what every Moordale student would be like if you crossed paths with them at uni. From Otis and his pristine student flat, to Eric who’s in the middle of the dance floor at every club night. This is what the cast of Sex Education would be like at university:


Otis studies biology and he’s always done the reading for each seminar. During Freshers’ Week he spends most of the time in his room but he decides to come out one night, where he gets absolutely wasted playing Ring of Fire and gets kicked out of the club early. From then on, he only goes to the SU for drinks and can’t stand the sight of Carling.

After stalking his Insta, you find out he’s got a girlfriend but he never talks about her or invites her to visit. Instead you see him hanging out with the same girl from his seminar all the time and they constantly have late night meet-ups in the library to go over their coursework.


The opposite to Otis, Eric is on every single night out. He’s always around to hype up the girls in the flat when they get dumped by their boyfriends halfway through Freshers’ Week. He never does his washing and wakes everyone up when he gets home at 4am but they let him off because he’s such a good friend.

Eric’s always spotted out with fellow members of band society which he’s social sec of, even though he can’t play any instruments. He also works as a club rep on the side because he spent all of his money on shots for his mates and now relies on free entry to go out.


Maeve does English lit, of course! Not only has she done the required reading for every seminar but she’s also read everything on the recommended list too. She spends every lecture arguing back with that one lad who feels like his only purpose is to aggravate her.

When you first meet her in your flat Maeve seems quite intimidating, but she makes a great shoulder to cry on if you’re feeling homesick after only three days of being away. She prefers the pub over going clubbing, especially so she can debate politics with the rugby boys whilst they’re five pints deep.


Jean’s the mature student who answers in every lecture. You start talking to her in the pub after a Friday seminar and find out she’s actually really fun. She comes on every social after that and always has loads of stories about when she did her first degree.

Mr Groff

Mr Groff is the other type of mature student to Jean – he looks down on all the freshers despite technically being one himself. Don’t even try to talk to your mates in the library because he’ll be over to you straight away to tell you to stop disturbing him. Despite trying to cosy up to all of his lecturers he still ends up with a bang average 2:1.


A rugby boy through and through, Jackson lives for AU night and spends most of his loan on new costumes and VKs. He’s like a god among the netball girls who all try their hardest to pull him but he’s still pining over his ex that broke up with him just before he moved away.

All Jackson’s business studies lecturers love him and he’s become the poster boy for his course, despite scraping a 2:2 in all of his assignments.


Aimee’s a BNOC, she always rocks up to her 9am lecture looking like she’s about to go on a night out. No one knows that she had her head in the toilet after too much pink gin only hours earlier.

She’s got a long term boyfriend who comes and visits most weekends, all of her flatmates like him so he gets invited on all of their nights out. He actually goes to uni five hours away and hasn’t made any of his own friends there yet.


He’s that one lad who’s at every pres but never talks to anyone. His flatmates know nothing about him apart from that he studies a really obscure course. They find out months down the line that he actually got kicked out for failing to turn any assignments in. He’s just stayed living at uni to avoid telling his dad who’s a professor that he dropped out.


Ola is that girl in your seminar with the squeaking Chilly’s bottle and a MacBook covered in stickers. Her room is literally full of plants and she constantly gets on at her flatmates for using her eco-friendly Tupperware or drinking the rest of her almond milk. She enforces a cleaning rota from day one to prevent anyone from leaving the flat messy.


Lily goes to a really small campus uni and does media studies. She corners you in the SU to tell you about a film she’s just seen and you have no idea where her flatmates are or if she’s come out with anyone.

She’s part of five different societies but still manages to secure a First.

The Untouchables

Olivia, Ruby and Anwar met on their first day of uni and have been friends since, they think they’re BNOCs but actually don’t have any other friends. On each night out you see them flooding their Insta stories with pics of them dancing but in reality they’re stood by the bar judging everyone most of the time.

In second year they get a house together and make house Insta and TikTok accounts which they spend more time on than their degrees even though they only have 50 followers.

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