Sex Education season two summary

Here’s a summary of everything that happened in the second season of Sex Education

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You don’t need us to remind you that the third series of Sex Education is dropping this week. But you might need a little memory jog when it comes to remembering everything that happened during season two. The second series of Sex Education was a chaotic one for Otis, Maeve, Jean, Eric, and the majority of the show’s characters. So as the season three fast approaches, here’s a summary of everything that happened in Sex Education season two:

Jean gets hired at Moordale to reinvent the sex-ed programme

Sex education season two summary

Following the school’s chlamydia outbreak and much to Otis’ reluctance, Jean gets a job at Moordale and makes an attempt to educate the students and teachers on sex education. She sits in on one of Colin Hendricks’ biology classes and isn’t pleased at all. She tells Mr Groff she’s going to stay at Moordale for the foreseeable future so she can get to know the students better and make a more inclusive and suitable sex ed programme.

Maeve admits her feelings to Otis

It’s safe to say Otis was a bit of a dick to Maeve in season two. She admitted she had feelings for him and his reaction was quite harsh. He accused Maeve of waiting until he was in a relationship with Ola to tell him how she felt. And of course when anyone tells someone they fancy them, that person is verrrry vulnerable, so Otis’ reaction was rough for Maeve. And to top it all off he cuts Maeve out his life after Ola gives him an ultimatum: Maeve or her.

Jackson and Viv become good mates

As Jackson began to fall behind at school and the pressure of his athletic career got to him so much he decided to break his own hand so he didn’t have to compete anymore, Viv entered at the perfect time. In season two, Jackson tries to explore who he wants to be and what interests him, he stumbles on Moordale drama club and takes on the role of Romeo in the school’s production of Romeo and Juliet. But just like any other student, no one can understand what the hell Shakespeare is banging on about half the time. So, he asked Viv for her help in return for helping her get the attention of her crush. The pair grow closer and a stunning friendship blossoms out of their connection in the most refreshing, organic way possible.

Aimee’s experience of sexual assault on the bus


Aimee gets onto a bus and a man masturbates onto her. She eventually realises what’s happening, gets off the bus and is traumatised for the rest of the season. Aimee’s story is one of the best and most important to come out of season two, probably even Sex Education as a whole. Her storyline gave weight to a scenario which a lot of people have found themselves in, in one way or another. She’s one of the funniest and most light hearted characters in the series and it’s something we all needed to see, even if we didn’t know it. In the official synopsis for Sex Education season three, Aimee “discovers feminism”, but it’s unclear what exactly that will entail.

Eric broke up with Rahim and began dating Adam

Sex Education season two summary

Eric and Rahim

Eric and Rahim were dating for the majority of season two. Their relationship wasn’t necessarily bad, it was just blatant Eric has feelings for Adam Groff instead. But Adam was incapable of making his feelings clear and as a result of battling them, he often had an outburst and was mean to Eric as a result. Whilst Adam and Eric are spending time together at night, Eric is able to continue to date Rahim, despite kissing Adam in secrecy. One of Eric’s biggest issues with Adam is the fact he won’t hold his hand in public, but then he makes a big gesture in front of the school and asks Eric to hold his hand. Rahim is devastated that Eric choses Adam over him, but it’s not like Eric can deny he fancies the pants off Adam.

Jean discovers she’s pregnant

Sex Education season two summary

A huuuuge sub-plot in season two was the relationship between Jean Milburn and Jakob, Ola’s dad. It was a totally unexpected but highly welcomed plot but, sadly, it didn’t end too well. We left season two with Jean and Jakob broken up after Jean pushed him away after kissing her ex-husband (and Otis’ dad) Remi. She kissed Remi because she feared her relationship with Jakob was getting too real, of course Jakob said he couldn’t trust her after she kissed Remi. Naturally Jean’s heartbreak wasn’t enough and she also discovered she was pregnant.

Ola begins to date Lily after dumping Otis

Sex Education season two summary

Lily and Ola kissing

Ola and Otis’ relationship was never going to be plain sailing, their parents were dating and the whole thing became a bit of a grey area. But after giving Otis the ultimatum of dating her or being mates with Maeve, Ola shortly decided she didn’t want to be with him at all. She realises she’s pansexual and was slowly developing feelings for her friend, Lily, who she had become closer to throughout season two. Essentially, Ola breaks up with Otis to be with Lily and becomes a lot happier for it.

Maeve called social services on her mum

Sex Education season two summary

After we discovered Maeve had a rough childhood growing up with her mum, Erin, who abused drugs. We also saw Maeve call social services on her mum after finding out from Isaac she had been using drugs again. Maeve called them because her younger half-sister, Elsie, is under full time care of her mum, she didn’t want Elsa to have the same upbringing she had.

Mr Groff gets asked to take leave from being headteacher

Sex Education season two summary

After a chlamydia outbreak and the breakdown of his marriage, Mr Groff faced some serious pressures in season two. His marriage was falling apart and to top it all off, he found out his wife was going to Jean for sex advice. Eventually he began sleeping at the school which caused his boss and chair of the school board, Maxine, to tell him he’s not coping at all and he needs to take some time off.

Isaac deleted Otis’ voicemail

Isaac listening to Otis’ voicemail

This is the part everyone remembers, which makes sense because it sparked an infinitive sense of range amongst the millions of us who watched. Otis clocked he was a dick and left a message for Maeve saying he loves her and everything. But of course when Isaac heard it (because he massively fancied her at this point) he deleted it and made sure Maeve never heard the voicemail which leaves Otis and Maeve’s relationship right on the edge.

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