Only Maeve Wiley herself can score full marks on this Sex Education season two trivia quiz

How did we forget about the chlamydia outbreak?? Omg

Sex Education is back this Friday after being off of our screens for over a YEAR. So we’ll finally have answers to all of our burning questions like “what the hell happened after Isaac deleted that voicemail from Otis to Maeve?” and find out whether Eric and Adam are still going strong. Not to mention we’re going to be so blessed because Netflix has announced Jean Milburn is pregnant!!

But before you can totally dive into your favourite programme, you need to brush up on your Sex Education knowledge. How well do you remember season two, really? Can you remember the smaller details like who stole Jean’s sex therapy notes and posted them around school?? Or can you jog your memory and remember the bigger moments like which rogue girl Otis had sex with? Take our trivia quiz below and put your Sex Education knowledge to the test:

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