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Sex Education season three ending explained: Here’s everything that actually happened

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Warning: This includes many, many spoilers for Sex Education season three

Netflix dropped season three of Sex Education last week and it was beautiful, but we could all do with having the ending explained to us. The way it ended was a little complicated because a lot of storylines were left up in the air. In season three we saw Maeve and Otis stop being friends, the sex clinic was stomped out, Eric and Adam were official, Jean and Jakob were in couples counselling and Aimee was still going through the trauma of her sexual assault – plus a load more. We also met Cal, a new non-binary student at Moordale and the new headteacher Hope who replaced Michael Groff.

Anyway, the ending was a bit chaotic and left us with a ton of questions. If you’re wondering what the hell happened to all of those sub-plots surrounding Maeve and Otis, we have explained the ending of Sex Education season three for you:

We still don’t know who the father of Jean’s baby is

Coming into season three, we already knew Jean was pregnant. But none of us suspected Jakob might not be the father. Episode seven was painfully traumatic to watch. Jean went into early labour and suffered a haemorrhage as a result of the birth. At points we all thought we were going to lose one of our favourite characters, but thankfully she pulled herself through it.

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Jean and Jakob were navigating getting back together and co-parenting, but the birth of their baby cemented the family a bit. Jakob also requested a paternity test, something which didn’t seem like a huge deal until Jean opened up the results. Obviously we can only go off her horrified reaction, but it feels like there’s a chance Jakob might not be the baby’s biological dad. We can only assume, if the baby isn’t Jakob’s, Remi is the father or another man who came in between Remi and Jakob. Messy, right?

Jackson said he can’t be mate with someone he fancies

Sex Education season 3 ending explained

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Cal joined Moordale this season and they hit if off with Jackson straight away. As a non-binary student, Cal had to find their way through Hope’s old values about school uniform and sex education. Jackson was a decent, supportive mate to them throughout. They shared kisses and sweet moments throughout the season, so it was pretty obvious they were more than friends. Cal made it clear to Jackson, if they were to become a thing, he’d be in a queer relationship. This conversation resulted in the pair agreeing to just be friends.

Cal, putting themselves first, said to Jackson they don’t want to be seen as a “girl” in his eyes. Jackson made it clear he still liked Cal, and said he’d never be mates with someone he had feelings for.

Adam and Eric broke up and it was sad

Adam has come a very long way since this toxic behaviour in the first two seasons. And even though Adam and Eric were in completely different places in terms of accepting themselves, their break up was still very hard to watch. Whilst everyone else went on the trip to France, Eric went to a family wedding in Nigeria. There he kissed the photographer and immediately after was riddled with guilt. It wasn’t until he got back to England when he told Adam what happened and the pair tried to work through it. Shortly after, Eric decided the relationship wasn’t right and they broke things off.

In the final episode, after Eric had broken up with him, Adam felt comfortable enough to come out to his mum and tell her about Eric being more than just a mate.

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The students of Moordale put on a protest to try and challenge the new headteacher, Hope, for trying to make the school waaaaay outdated. But because of the protest, the school investors pulled their funding and it essentially meant the school was going to close down. Naturally we’re all hoping for last minute investment coming in time for season four, but right now the idea of a fourth season with no Moordale isn’t looking too good.

Maeve chooses America over Otis

Sex Education season 3 ending explained

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This part was a little confusing because Maeve kept changing her mind about going to America. When she and Otis finally seem to be getting somewhere with their relationship, she decides to leave!! But can we really blame her?? She spent the majority of this season dealing with the fallout of calling child services on her mum at the end of season two, letting her feelings for Isaac surface and dealing with her emotions for Otis – she’s been BUSY.

Also it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up, even if it adds to her and Otis never being together.

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