These are all the stunning real life filming locations in season three of Sex Education

The school trip to France was actually in… Kent

Since it first started, Sex Education has been known for its beaut filming locations – and season three has not disappointed. The show is back, and this series has revisited some of the most stunning backdrops on TV, as well as adding in a few new places where the cast were seen shooting.

From the Milburn household which is actually a gorgeous, character-filled BnB, to the school trip to France actually being filmed in Kent – here are all the filming locations used in season three of Sex Education on Netflix.

The Milburn House – Symonds Yat

All the real life Sex Education season three filming locations on Netflix

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Otis and Jean Milburn’s house in the show is to die for. We are constantly shown aerial shots of it overlooking the river and surrounding forest, and I have many times dreamt of having brunch and reading the paper on their balcony terrace. The Otis household is in the Wye Valley, Wales. In real life the house is actually a bed and breakfast chalet. It’s called The Chalet and is in Symonds Yat, a village in the Wye Valley with the River Wye running through it.

All the real life Sex Education season three filming locations on Netflix, Otis and Jean Milburn house is a chalet in real life

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On its website, the house is described as “the perfect holiday home if you are looking for adventure as well as a great location for celebrations with family and friends.” Booking is for a minimum of four nights, and costs around £3,000. It can host 10 people.

The caravan park where Maeve lives – Sterrett’s Caravan Park

All the real life Sex Education season three filming locations on Netflix, The caravan park where Maeve and Isaac live

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All the caravan scenes in Sex Education were filmed at Sterrett’s Caravan Park. The caravan park is also in Symonds Yat, which is right next to the River Wye. The park is just one hour’s drive from Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff.

Eric’s house – Old Farmhouse Mews

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Eric lives in a house in Old Farm House Mews, which is in Wye Valley. The property is privately-owned.

Moordale School – University of South Wales

All the real life Sex Education season three filming locations on Netflix, Moordale School

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Scenes at Moordale High School are filmed on a disused campus of University of South Wales in Caerleon. Caerleon is in the northern outskirts of Newport. The Caerleon campus at USW shut permanently in 2016. Sex Education started using it as one of its filming locations during season one in 2018. Its 32 acres once used to house around 4,500 students.

The school hall – The Paget Rooms

Moordale school hall in real life

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The school hall scenes are shot in The Paget Rooms, Victoria Road, Penarth, Cardiff. The Paget Rooms is a Grade II listed theatre built in the early part of the 20th century. As the town’s public hall, it is used for a variety of local events. It is a theatre and public hall which hosts theatre productions, concerts and is a popular local wedding venue. It was built at the start of the 20th century.

Otis and Eric’s ride to school – The Old Railway Bridge in Tintern

Otis and Eric bike ride to school across River Wye in Sex Education

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The bridge Otis and Eric often cycle over to school is also nearby. This is The Old Railway Bridge at Tintern, which is part of the Wye Valley Walk and crosses over the river. The stunning shots where Otis and Eric are cycling through the woods are filmed in Bargain Woods, Whitestone.

Aimee’s house – Bigsweir House

All the real life Sex Education season three filming locations on Netflix

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Aimee’s huge mansion home is Bigsweir House, which is overlooking the banks of the River Wye on the Wales-England border. It’s a Grade II-listed building which was rebuilt in 1740. The owner of the house, Caroline Hopkinson, told the Guardian: “We thoroughly enjoyed having the crew here, although I guess more exposure for this area could have some disadvantages.”

All the real life Sex Education season three filming locations on Netflix, Forest of Dean

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Nearby to lots of the other Sex Education season three filming locations is The Forest of Dean, which was also the backdrop to some scenes. In season three there are scenes in a forest including when Adam and Eric go on a picnic date and it’s where Ruby and Otis were hooking up in her car.

The school trip to France – Folkestone

All the real life Sex Education season three filming locations on Netflix

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You’ll be disappointed to know the school trip to France in episode five of season three was actually filmed around Folkestone, Kent. The cast visited Shorncliffe Military Cemetery in Sandgate, Hawthorne Trenches in Elham and the Harbour Arm.

Browns Village Stores – Browns General Store

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In season three Adam heads to Browns Village Stores, which is the shop he and Ola used to work in, and where Rahim still lives above. The real shop is in Llandudno, a coastal town in north Wales and is named after its owners and was established in 1928. In real life it is called Browns General Store.

Roger Brown has been running the store with his wife Ruth since 1958. He told the Guardian: “We are being asked about the show continually now. It is amazing. And I haven’t even seen it yet as I don’t have Netflix. People stop when they see our name, which they kept for the show. So it is doing very well for us, which is lovely.”

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